September 22, 2014 What to Say When Presenting an Award [Script] Recognition & Motivation Ideas. It makes the difference between having a happy or unhappy dancing experience, the difference between people wanting, or not wanting to dance with you. Use the proper costume for the dance. One of the most effective ways to make employees and volunteers feel appreciated is by presenting them with an elegant award in recognition of their service.. These includes knowing proper posture, injury causes, symptoms and preventions and proper etiquette and safety in the use of facilities and equipment. Awards in … Laugh... a lot. 8. Explains the value of optimizing one’s health through participation in physical activity assessment PEH12FH-Id-t-14 15. C. Continue to cheer on your team. Many rules of etiquette govern the proper conduct of the chopsticks; laying them across the bowl is a sign that the guest wishes to leave the table; they are not used during a time of mourning, when food is eaten with the fingers; and various methods of handling them form a secret code of signalling. The sport requires plenty of strength to toss other cheerleaders, ample balance and dexterity for those at the top of a pyramid and sufficient aerobic fitness to cheer throughout a sports game. “That’s not part of my job description” It might not be written in your job description, but if you want to be seen as a top performer, going above and beyond to help from time to time never hurt. See more ideas about cheer coaches, cheer, cheerleading. Dance etiquette is a set of guidelines that help us navigate the social dimensions of dancing. Go get a snack. PDF | Dance is an activity which can take many forms and fill many different needs. Dance with feeling and expression. 8. Demonstrates proper etiquette and safety in the use of facilities and equipment PEH12FH-Ia-t-12 13. 4. Why do we care about dance etiquette? Follow directions and dance instructions as closely as possible. 5. Do not exaggerate the dance steps. Because it is nice to know how to go about in the dancing circles. Don’t’s in Folk Dancing 1. B. Proper cheer etiquette states that when the opposing team's player is hurt on the field, you must... A. Mar 17, 2020 - Explore Mary Beth • INFLUENCER || OW's board "Cheer coaches", followed by 7199 people on Pinterest. Cheerleading is sometimes dismissed as little more than a frivolous side activity, but it's a bit more than that. Take a knee, or show some other form of respect. 3. Do not make the dances too dainty and graceful … 2. 12. D. BREAK TIME! Guidelines for Viewing Dance and Writing Critiques for Dance Performances By Myra Daleng, Richmond Department of Theatre & Dance (printable version here)Chance favors a prepared mind! Participates in an organized event that addresses health/dance issues and concerns PEH12FH-Ik-o-13 14.