In "Syren", she begged Master Wang to tell her the secrets of modifying her powers but was given a stern warning of what would have if she was captured with that knowledge, understanding she obeyed Master Wang's command not to follow them. Draw her in your imagination! "Cheese…" He muttered. Would she be human or would she be hanging out with Plagg? Like 5 to 30 minutes. Let me know! "The Kid's coming over to see Pigtails tonight," Plagg started to explain as Tikki … Le meme! “Yeah, she does like to babble.” said Plagg. ", "Why am I human? The duo have a warm relationship, with her cheering up Marinette whenever she is upset or assisting her in anything, including her fashion work or plans to win Adrien's heart. To Sass she calls Marinette the best Ladybug she has ever served. Everything Wrong With Reflekdoll (Part One) | Fandom, ‘Ello, Kawaii here bringing you a contest…, Chapter 1 Tikki Tikki groaned as she pushed…, Ain't My Fault ||GLMV||Miraculous||original. Think about and answer those question while you look at... (There's going to be a challenge and a fun surprise near the end of the post so please continue reading! The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! Let me know if you need more time, I would likely extend it to Valentines Day. (-2 sins), Well, that was fun! Here's the link to Part One:, @Bugaroons217 @SaltY cream @Adrianette4Evermore @LizbethTheCute @SuperPug06 @KiwikiLOL @PandaJJMusic @SparklingXStarlight @MiraculouslyClumsyy @PaintedBeetle, I know I just started buuuut, I looooooooove the costumes!! As Tikki tried to do so in "Glaciator", when Marinette was feeling down about ruining the night for her friends and how rude she was being to André when she didn't feel like eating ice cream because Adrien wasn't there. Hide! Little Lady. A few minutes. Utterly Ridiculous! At the same time she also expresses doubt that Cat Noir is in love with anyone else knowing that Marinette is Ladybug. Plagg: No but you should call me Stinky Sock. Knowing it was drawn to Marinette's negative emotions Tikki told her to remain positive reminding her that she always finds a way to fix her problems and was very proud of Marinette for driving it off. Plagg swallowed his camembert. In "Chameleon", when she heard what Lila was planning to do to Marinette if she doesn't follow her. So wouldn't that mean Tikki and Plagg are the same age, and there wouldn't be exactly 'the very first kwami'? Cat Noir: No but you should call me My Kitty(Pussycat, Kitty, or Kittycat). So strict. I have no idea how you do it, Buggie. Tikki was aware that Nooroo's powers were being used for evil and promises to free him one day. Tikki ordered as Plagg yawned. I also think Tikki would get along well with Rose. Marinette said, averting her face from his as she unlocked the door to hers and Alya's apartment. (+1 sin), If I know my physics and I do there is no way this could land properly! Plagg flew into Adrien's face as he was about to call out his transformation cat-ch phrase. Tell me what you think! "Because we nearly got into a thumb war of all things over who got to hold the most bags." During "Felix", she halted Marinette from deleting a message for him believing it could change the outlook of his day. Fu squirms a bit in his seat; silence had overtaken the room and the meeting suddenly became much more awkward. (Tikki pulls Plagg away from the cheese and phases through the net.) And don't talk with camembert in your mouth." ", "Where even are we? "Hmm?" "Do you think that Chloé caused them to vanish?" Plagg watched Adrien moping around and being miserable about another birthday without the warmth of friends or family. 10 seconds . The supervillain Sandboy uses his powers to turn the nightmares of Parisians into reality, forcing a Tikki-less Marinetteto intervene. Tikki and Wayzz are friends, having a good, fun-loving companionship, playing with each other around Wang Fu's room in "The Collector" and drinking tea together on top of the phonograph in "Robostus". Do you ever here me calling you Pussycat (or Kitty)? She was high up, and the city of Paris sprawled down below her. In "Sandboy", Tikki shows great concern for him when he has to spend his birthday alone and misses him dearly. This section is in need of major improvement. he asked. Suddenly the window burst and Plagg flew out the window. Plagg: No, but you should! In "Sandboy", the two planned how to contact with Nooroo along with Plagg, showing that they can work together.