In case you've never been to our Gator Park, we have more than 200 animals that call Wild Florida "home." So, if you’re looking to see these wild animals up-close and want to make a difference… consider visiting, donating or volunteering. Normally, a cougar will target livestock for a snack, but if a domestic cat comes on the … © Copyright 2015-2020 - South Florida Reporter. They also appear in rural Florida. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)--seven members appointed by the governor--to exercise the regulatory powers of the state for the purpose of management, protection, and conservation of wild animals and freshwater and marine aquatic life. Tell us about it below! This leaves only some smaller less well-known cats as being grouped as Class 3 Wildlife. Just a short drive south from Miami, the big city buzz will feel like world’s away as this 2,500 square mile swampland is a natural oasis. Florida is home to three species of venomous rattlesnakes: the pygmy rattlesnake, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake and the timber rattlesnake. One less dangerous, but common wildlife encounter is the American Trash Panda, aka raccoon. google_ad_type = "text_image"; google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Could it be that we are out of touch with the rest of the country due to our immense coastlines of beautiful beaches or are people jealous that they have Walt Disney, Magic Kingdom, and Universal Studios? Miami Exotic Animals is the Events department of a Federally Licensed Private Zoo that has rescued & acquired over 200 animals over the last 10 years that we care for every day. Wild hogs may be trapped using live traps (e.g., box traps, cage traps, corral traps). Considered a quintessential Florida experience, a visit to the Everglades National Park is the place to go to find the state’s fiercest alligators roaming in their natural habitat. Florida Today reported that the state has more than 500 nonnative plant and animal species, many of which are invasive. Credit: Visit Florida. There are numerous animals that are capable of causing you harm in Florida, usually by biting you. These are Florida’s most dangerous animals. On Sept. 4, take time to appreciate these Sunshine State species in … With over 700 terrestrial animals, more than 200 freshwater fish, more than 1,000 marine fish, numerous other aquatic and marine vertebrates, and many thousands of terrestrial insects and other invertebrates, Florida literally is teeming with wildlife. Wildlife of Florida 2011 Have you seen any animal tracks in your backyard lately? Wild Things. It isn’t all love for the armadillos though. It is an official state reptile of Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Wild horse in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park near Gainesville. Lionfish lay two million eggs a year and have no known predators in Florida waters. ... At this unique farm in Port Orange, guests will fall in love with these gentle and adorable animals and can purchase some super-soft gifts. document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,83,67,82,73,80,84));document.write(' src="'+AdBrite_Iframe+'&ref='+AdBrite_Referrer+'" type="text/javascript">');document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,47,83,67,82,73,80,84,62)); , gator/crocs | birds | mammals | snakes | turtles | frogs/toads | lizards | sharks, Wildlife | Favorite Activities | My Destinations | about us | resources | site map | home, web site development by Creative Communications. Rodents – mice, rats, pocket gopher, squirrels. Raccoons are pesky animals that do not constrict their prey or poison your dog like the other animals mentioned, but they are very common in residential areas, often seen knocking over garbage cans, and while nesting often damage property. This self-guided tour allows guests to see more than 100 exotic animals and native Florida wildlife like white-tailed deer, bison, cracker cows, zebras, watusi, and oryx, to name a few. Florida Manatee – another of Florida’s sea-dwelling mammals, the Florida manatee is a distant relative to the West Indian manatee and is entirely native to Florida. Persons wishing to transport or hold live wild hogs must obtain applicable permits from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Drew Avery (CC BY 2.0) Via Flickr Most felines in Florida are grouped as either Class 2 or 1 Wildlife. Otters, opossums, manatees, fox squirrels, raccoons, white-tailed deer, key deer and armadillos are among the more commonly seen mammals. 10 Wild Places In Florida Where Animal Lovers Should Go. Nature photos with information and a focus on rare, endangered and threatened species. Florida is home to three species of venomous rattlesnakes: the pygmy rattlesnake, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake and the timber rattlesnake. ... With more than 4,000 of them in the wild, Florida Fish and Wildlife considers the Florida Black Bear a conservation success story. Florida has been the butt of many jokes throughout the years, but have we ever stopped to think what makes Floridians such a unique group of people? The seven appointees exercise executive powers of the state by over- Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo. This includes all big cats (lions, puma, tigers, leopard) and some smaller cats (servals, caracals, bobcats, and lynxes). var AdBrite_Background_Color = 'FFFFFF'; Some animals use venom, while other dangerous animals just have big teeth and strong jaws. Perhaps when we try to get a grasp on Florida culture, we should consider some of the wildlife issues that most Florida residents encounter. Their shell is a form of natural armor getting them the nickname among Floridians of “the little armored ones”. “These are pitiful, cold, tired, hungry animals, and they’re getting abused day after day,” Florida native and manatee advocate Tracy Colson, 59, told me. If you are in the right place at the right time, Florida has quite a few mammals that are comparatively easy to see. If you encounter an alligator, remember they are not made for running (they have huge bodies and tiny legs). var AdBrite_Title_Color = '0000FF'; google_ad_channel = "7430929868+8659978313+8546811343+2368462527"; They can grow up to around 13 feet long and weigh a whopping 3,500 pounds. The American alligator is regarded as a “keystone” species in the Everglades. Manatees. Last but not least, this article wouldn’t be complete without the Florida Alligator! The most surprising Florida animals you have a good chance of seeing are at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, where you can spot both wild horses and bison from the park’s many trails. By saving these animals, we are able to educate the public on the uniqueness of each of them, their habitats, special needs or just the enjoyment of watching their antics. google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; Fiona Sunquist Lionfish haven't always had a presence in Florida, as their native region is the Indo-Pacific, but experts believe that when a lionfish was released from an aquarium into the wild in the late '80s, things started spiraling out of control. var AdBrite_Text_Color = '000000'; There you have it, just a few of the many wildlife to keep an eye out for and expect an encounter with if you live in or visit Florida. 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