At the shogun's palace, Umibouzu and Gintoki asked Soyo-hime where Kagura and Dai often went to play. The effect is transient, she and Shinpachi later on aids Gintoki to fire the antidote to the affected people. Romanized Name: For her killing blow, she drove a Naginata through his shoulder and crashed him through the wall all in one move. When their place becomes a crash landing pad for Sakamoto Tatsuma's spaceship, Gintoki encourages them to live on without him and disbands the Yorozuya. She makes her first appearance in Volume 15, but she has no thoughts of betraying Naraku until Volume 21, when she offers Sesshōmaru shards of the sacred jewel in return for killing Naraku. Her Gender Bender form is based on the historical warrior Xiahou Dun from the Three Kingdoms Era of Chinese history. This led to the release of Kauya. Occupation She has short black hair with red ribbons in her hair, she wears a long white and red overcoat with pink bloomers that have red etching on them. It reaches a point in which Kagura actually 'dies' and a nation-wide funeral is held as Kagura is Soyo's best friend. Despite such impediments, she resents Naraku and covertly works toward his death, mostly by manipulating the two camps opposed to Naraku: those of Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru. She realized that he did it in order to hid the Infant's yōki since it was his heart. Naraku ordered Kagura and Kohaku to exterminate them. In the Anime however, she begins to plot for her freedom immediately after her first encounter with Kōga and Inuyasha, when she tricked them into fighting each-other and is almost killed, then attacking Naraku out of anger for not being told about the power of Inuyasha's, In the manga, she waits for a moment after she is attacked by Inuyasha's. Gengai is working hard because his robots will go on display during the festival. Gintoki leaves Kintoki to Tama as Kagura and Shinpachi beg them to spare Kintoki. Despite such impediments, she resents Naraku and covertly works toward his death, mostly by manipulating the two camps opposed to Naraku: those of Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru. Later as everyone's souls are changed, Katsura's soul ends up in Kagura's body while Kagura's soul ends up in Elizabeth's body. When Otae breaks into the wedding and destroys it with a blast, Kagura runs off with the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi in joy. Weekly Shounen Jump Chief Editor 週刊少年ジャンプ編集長,, Kagura and Okita Sougo vs. Nishino Tsukamu, Yorozuya and Tsukuyo vs. Kamui, Abuto, and Ungyo, Yorozuya, Kaientai, Katsura Kotarou, and Elizabeth vs. However, she is generally fairly reasonable on a day-to-day basis, talking reasonably with Kanna and Kohaku, and showing disgust with Goshinki on his aparently needlessly destructive behavior, and showing no ill will towards Jakken or Rin. Be Forever Yorozuya Kanna attempted to use her mirror to absorb Kaguya's soul, but was unsuccessful due to Kaguya in possession of the Celestial Robe. This is seen various times when she lets Inuyasha escape, keeping him alive in hope that he can kill Naraku at some point in the future. The Yorozuya is asked by Otose to stop a noisy neighbor - Gengai. Kikyō attempted to kill her with her arrow. Apparently, he went and disappeared for years. Kagura brings in Shinpachi as a Shikigama to the contest. Kagura becomes a slim, busty woman that causes Shinpachi to blush. As Gintoki and Shinpachi learn that Kagura is being scammed, they go to the bank to retrieve Kagura, just to see her being attacked. Kagura plays extremely well, gets a lot of useful tools and upgrades superbly. After the event, she and Shinpachi help Hotaru to meet her lover. Kagura Together with Kamui who followed her later on, they defeated the leader while Abuto and the others fought with the lackeys. Some time prior to the series, Kagura was an Anbu member who had wished to become Tsunade's apprentice, and, hopefully, the Hokage. There is one scene where she is threatening to kill Sougo. Sadaharu is looking bad so Kagura convinces Gintoki to take him to a veterinary. After this, the children ask Yorozuya to avenge their warden's murder as they offer to give away all their toys as payment. Shinpachi and Kagura fight Kamui and with Gintoki, successfully bring Kamui back to normal. Shinpachi, Kagura, and Sadaharu browbeat Gintoki into buying a new pair of glasses for Sarutobi. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. She takes in things that Gintoki says as a form of advice, oftentimes in an inappropriate context. The Yorozuya sets in to help Ketsuno Ana after her divorce with Shirino Douman. Hair Color: Izumi Ōgami It cuts back to the captives, and the leader of the faction that captured them tries to tell Kirie that her father was really working with them, but Kagura knocks her out with a head bump before she can hear the story. She sleeps in the cabinet shelf above Sadaharu in the Yorozuya office. Weight This is a full list of episodes of the Rugrats spin-off, All Grown Up!. After the fight, he travels off with Sadaharu (now a horse), but is actually summoned by Ginko to gather everyone in order to fight again to restore their original genders. Naraku attempted to re-absorb Musō but was rejected at first. She used her own mirror to awaken Kaguya. Claiming that Sougo saves two girls (the other being her, through Kamui's injury in his right hand that Kagura had taken advantage of during their fight), Kagura tells him that even if he does not wear his uniform, everyone will still see Sougo (and the others) as Shinsengumi officers-- the police who saves and protects. Kagura asks the bartender if he has seen their target, but she has already forgotten her name. Abuto quickly outclasses them both and he chooses to kill Shinpachi first. She loves eating and seems to have an insatiable appetite, with a particular fondness for rice and sukonbu. InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass,, In the anime, Kagura's personality is explored in slightly more detail than it is in the manga. Kagura helps Kyubei to think of a "simple" name for the pet monkey. They later visit Yoshiawara together and are soon attacked by Tsukuyo. Kagura, as part of the Yorozuya, helps Heiji to hunt down Chougorou. She meets Katsura there as he takes Elizabeth here for a health check. Professionally custom-made services and fast Shipping Worldwi Just installing app … After Kikyō walked away, Kagura felt indebted for obtaining the last sacred treasure, although from her, although she found the priestess to be creepy. Unfortunately, an alien attacks her there. When outside, she's usually seen carrying a purple parasol around, which works as protection from the sun. Manga Debut Shinpachi returns after vacation to find that everyone around him has changed and moved on. Kagura receives medical care from Kaientai. Her mother died of an illness when she was very young. Kagura does not like to be manipulated. Afterwards, Inuyasha asks if she suffered; Sesshōmaru replies that she was smiling when she died. Chas 14. As Gintoki turns into a cat as well Shinpachi continues the job with Kagura. They then attend Kondou's marriage with a gorilla amanto and Kagura tries to eat as many bananas as she can. Kimi 7. Sougo use the sword to cut the rope to escape along Kagura and Kirie in Episode 187. With Susumu Chiba, Hisao Egawa, Akira Ishida, Rie Kugimiya. Kagura wears the traditional kimono of the Kagura dancers. Kagura to spare them is he gave her what she wanted, but Sango to Kahaku to get Hiraikotsu. She typically wears a red cheongsam with yellow piping. Together with Okita Sougo, they destroy Hasegawa's shop and also his sunglasses, just to find Gengai's robots starting to attack the Shogun. Wind user (Servant of Naraku) Later on, Kondou, Sarutobi, and Kyuubei join in and they compete for the best Santa with Kagura being the main judge. Eventually, Kagura is shot by Matako, ends up captured by the Kiheitai. Most of all, Kagura wishes to be free of Naraku's hold, to have her heart returned to her, and to be the wind. Kagura is one of many of Naraku's Incarnations, and as such he holds her heart in his hands. Kagura and Imai pulling Sougo's legs to the bars in Episode 258. Although Gintoki and Shinpachi are not very keen on this, Kagura seems to get along well with Pirako. She also carries a parasol around as protection from the sun, since the Yato species are averse to sunlight but the parasol also acts as a weapon that can fire bullets like a machine-gun. As the Yato clan appears, Kagura is being taken down by his brother Kamui in a surprise attack. Kagura sleeping with her first pet rabbit in, Kagura crying as her room is full of huge cockroaches in, Kagura's plastered hand while fixing her umbrella in, Kagura as a stand during the events of the, Kagura when she loses control of herself in, Kagura as the assassin of the assassins in the, Kagura's happy expression when she received a cellphone in, Sougo finds Kagura making a giant snowball in, Kagura's hair styled like a character from Dragon ball in, Kagura in her coffin during her funeral in, Kagura with two pink roses stuck on her nose in. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Her hair is also a bit longer. All Grown Up - S 1 E 8 - River Rats. She also is quickly fond of him and is willing to carry him. As the days go on Sadaharu is angered by the neighbors and turns into his Inugami form. [2] Sesshōmaru declined and said to use them herself. Sometime later Kagura and Sadaharu come across Okita who is surrounded by Jouishishi. Kagura, Gintoki, Hijikata and Sougo they creepy face in Episode 183. 'Sadaharu No.1' was a rabbit. As that involves eating Pandemonium, Shinpachi just cannot bring himself to do it, even fall in love with it. She and Kamui fight back and return to the bloodied Gintoki and Takasugi. As the world is saved by the duo, Kagura helps Otohime out of the scraps - after landing a punch on Hasegawa out of no reason. Kagura and the rest of Kihentai go on to locate Takasugi, just to find him falling off a cliff. With his back turned to Inuyasha and his friends, Sesshōmaru gazes toward the sky and tells his half-brother that Kagura was smiling in the moment of her death before he slowly walks away from the scene. She once again promised complete devotion to Naraku if he would free her from the prison. She was also much taller and had a well-built body. Season 1 Main article: All Grown Up! After the incident, Kagura continues to train in the dojo and defeats quite a number of disciples. Kagura-chanLeaderChina GirlGuraGurakoQueen of the Kabuki DistrictKanna Tama is eventually accepted as Otose's waitress at the end of this arc. They continue on and meet Seita. She wears a green choker around her neck, with a small, round bell attached to it. They soon discover that is all due to Ginoki's clumsiness and carelessness of bringing back a suspicious clock. Then, once Gintoki was teleported into the future, she was shown again as a sexy adult (where Gintoki mentions his shock that someone who formerly had negative sex appeal could be so hot), and she defeats a gang with Shinpachi (also an adult). During times of battle, Kagura would usually remove the right side and sleeve of her kimono to utilize her fan with greater ease. This caused a weakness in Naraku's barrier that Kōga and Inuyasha could soon detect. In the end, the framed Yorozuya is freed by Ikeda. Kagura was only able to get out of this state because Shinpachi's words reached her and refuse to ever enter this state again as she fears she might completely lose herself to the Yato heritage within herself. The Yorozuya and Otae go for a vacation in the snow mountain where they meet the Shinsengumi and Shige Shige. Her last thoughts are that she was happy she could see Sesshōmaru before she died and that she was free as the wind. He no longer wishes to fight and tries to escape with the children. Lesson 3 Affiliation Dr. Spooky 21. Comically Kagura causes Kintarou to grow weaker. She's always barefoot.In her second form, she takes on the appearance of a teenager, with a white dress with black trimmings and white shoes. During the Movie Be Forever Yorozuya, Kagura was as tall as Shinpachi and had longer hair with a bun on the right side of her head. Through stupid challenges, useful facts and personal stories of rich victory and miserable failure, your guides will ensure you don’t feel alone in your hopeless endeavour to be a legit grown up. After the fight, Kagura and Shinpachi run all around Edo to get the bits and pieces related to this incident in order to rebuild Fuyo. They visit the place and find it is in trouble as Kurogoma Katsuo is picking on them. After retreating from their battle with Utsuro, she supports Nobume but drops her and continues to fight the oncoming Naraku. This act is witnessed by Gintoki, Shinpachi, Hasegawa, and Otae, to her embarrassment. It turns into a mess with girls vs. guys, and Kagura's opponent is Sougo. Kagura, as one in the family with the most potential, was given the Seimei umbrella, an heirloom of the yin yang arts passed down through generations. They immediately left in search of them afterward, leaving Shinpachi finding out that Dai's family had a royal tradition where they'd destroy the planet of the female they've chosen to marry in order to keep the genetic information for themselves. Their toys and little kid adventures are long gone, and they now are learning lessons of life. She used her powers to banish Kagura and Kanna from the castle and caused them to plunge deep below a huge body of water. 60 comments. Counter-attacking, she kicks Utsuro only to be stopped by Utsuro punching her leg and kicking her away. She took the left half and told Kagura to watch over the right half. Japanese Name: She and Shinpachi watch the funeral procession from an alleyway and sees Soyo Hime. Naraku later stole the Fuyōheki from Gakusanjin while he was asleep. Kazuki described her as being a crybaby when she was younger. Shinpachi later discovers via a cellphone photo of Kagura standing victorious over the two that Kagura is the one responsible for the two's demise. She has fair skin (snow white according to Takechi Henpeita in Episode 59). In seconds time, she is attacked by Kijima Matako and Takechi. They confront Kintoki in an alley, and he returns all their memories, an experience that knocks them out. She barely put up a fight to stop Inuyasha and instead allowed him to pass in order for him to destroy her master in tandem with Sesshōmaru.[6]. Abuto has suggested that Kagura is among the highest elite of the Yato, equal only to Kamui, Umibouzo, and Housen, meaning her abilities far exceed that of an average Yato, but her kind nature holds her back, only when she is "awakened" can she use it to her full potential. In the story, she is mostly shown as inhospitable, calculating and shrewd. Season 4 Main article: All Grown Up! After encountering a powerful monk, the Infant's body was split in half. Shinpachi stays to help Kagura, but she is not happy with it as she exclaims Shinpachi is much weaker than her. Kagura saw that the entrance to the border to the next world would mean instant death. She possessed a priest with her Dance of the Dead to lure Inuyasha away from his friends by having say that Kikyō survived her fight with Naraku. She has a softer side however, as she shows to Kohaku. Kagura hates Naraku and wishes to be free from him, covertly opposing him to the point of offering aid to both Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru in hopes that they can kill him. Kagura goes to the universe with Gintoki, Katsura, and Sakamoto in search of Elizabeth and to protect the Earth from being controlled by the Renho. Kagura Mommy and everybody else left you behind, so you're sniveling and putting on a brave face. Kagura was tasked with guarding Naraku deep inside the mountain while he was creating a new body for himself. Voice Actors She worried this would be her fate if she were to defy Naraku again. Kagura and Shinpachi drag an amnesia-stricken Gintoki around town. Kagura and Katsura take curry into the fight and drug it with laxatives. Birth Judge 2 23. 702. They are soon joined by Kondou, Hijikata, and Momochi Rappa, and eventually separated from them so they can bring the shogun to a hidden passageway. In the Benizakura arc, she has shown amazing healing abilities after Kijima Matako shot her. The battle is won when Kagura hurls Okita into Nishino, resulting in a double KO. Female However, the alien attacks again and Kagura is injured trying to protect Prince Hata and Jii. Back on air! Kagura's death may have also caused Kanna to question her existence. She meets Gintoki and Shinpachi on the spaceship deck. While back to the Yorozuya office, Kagura and Shinpachi claim they are going to enter the 'training arc' to become stronger. She orders them to find a seat first while she will come later. Kagura's consciousness comes back and she stops the killing. But while they are running, Kagura gets sniped in the leg. When Naraku discovered that the last jewel shard was located at the border of the Afterlife, Kagura and the Infant began killing monks and priests in the hopes of finding a way to enter the border. Red However, her instincts were "awakened" in Yoshiwara Blaze arc in her battle with Abuto when he hurt Shinpachi. She was so traumatized that she lost her voice and became a mute. "Gintama" Everyone Looks Pretty Grown Up After Summer Break (TV Episode 2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. She wears an orange top, which reveals her cleavage. Gintoki appears uninterested in helping Kagura to escape, so Shinpachi steps in. The evolution of music - from listening to feeling. The dog, Kintarou, however, speaks suddenly, kicks Katsura, and exclaims that he does not want to meet the old man. When the two victims are discovered by Kondou and Shinpachi, they are disgusted by the perpetrator's actions. In the Timeskip arc, however, at 16 years old, she was taller than him at 170 cm. In the Academy, Tsurushi Hachiya alongside a few other students viewed him as a human being. When outside, she's usually seen carrying a purple parasol around, which works as a protection from the sun. She wore a two-piece outfit that resembled a cheongsam and revealed her midriff, laced with gold. She fights and protects Hijikata from their attacks from that point onward. Instead of asking them to go, Kagura drags the two so that they are all almost devoured by the alien. Kagura exclaimed that she was now free, but Kanna claimed that her wish for freedom would soon come true. As Kagura gets dehydrated and dozes off, Shinpachi and Gintoki send her to a hospital. Kagura changed her kimono for the total of three times throughout the story. Gender: We need a episode where baby gin is grown up 712. Her expression is usually happy and she has odd emblems where her pupils should be. She has fair skin (snow white according to Takechi Henpeita in Episode 59). Before the game even starts, Kagura crushes her own dish when she decides to place it underfoot. Aiyyeee!! The Yorozuya visits Hasegawa at the prison while bringing him information from outside. They witness Hasegawa's move Kinniku Buster when they try to spread out the news that Hasegawa is found innocent. English VA She goes to the bank to get some money, although she does not know how to do so. Kagura has the same voice actress as Happy from Fairy Tail, Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate no Gotoku, Karin Kurosaki from Bleach, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!, Suzuya Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul, Sukuna Gojou from K Return of Kings, Monica Adenauer from Yakitate!! Mrs. Guppie As Jugem is released back to its original master, it quickly escapes from him and the Yorozuya is commissioned by Toujou to take Jugem back again. Sarutobi is discontent by their change and gathers them up as she finally locates the amantos after some hard work. She then complains about his personality and his smell and admits that out of annoyance she tries drawing on his face while he is sleeping. But Kagura believes that even if she is just one branch in his memory tree, she will still cling and believe in him. Gintama Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In the middle of the impromptu wedding ceremony, Shinpachi kicked the giant priest which caused him to accidentally kiss Dai. Fan In the manga, Sesshōmaru does not battle Mōryōmaru before Kagura's death. Okita Sougo offers a job to the Yorozuya to track down the champion of Rengokukan, an underground fight club called Kidoumaru. Inuyasha and Rin aside, Kagura is one of the very few main characters, and one of only two female characters to spend her entire time completely barefoot throughout the series, regardless of physical terrain. Shinpachi returns to Odd Jobs for the first time in a year. Soon after that, Umibouzu left the family. Posted by 4 days ago. Lil 6. She first encounters Gintoki when Gintoki hits her by his motorcycle with Shinpachi. Emica 18. She yelled a him for treating her life like a toy and attacked him. [6], However, Kagura still yearned for her freedom from Naraku. Shinpachi runs in to warn the others about the invaders, which consisted of Otae, Tsukuyo, Kyubei, and Sarutobi, and had named themselves "Diamond Perfume." She is a member of the Yato Tribe, the daughter of Umibouzu, and the younger sister of Kamui, one of the main antagonists of the series. Share the best GIFs now >>> Hair color She acts very "unladylike" in terms of the ways she speaks and things such as vomiting or picking her nose. Kagura picks up Gintoki to bring him to safety while Kamui does the same for Takasugi. Kagura is separated from the others during the fight and Shinpachi is captured. Katsura approaches the Yorozuya as Elizabeth has gone missing. Me when I discovered that Kagura and Alphonse Erlic (from fullmetal alchemist brotherhood) had the same voice actor. Angelica 3. Kagura finds a mysterious ship at the seashore, so she decides to investigate. She then grows a bond with Gengai's robot which shares the same name as his son. Didi 11. Kagura originally wants to kill Kintarou but Katsura thinks that although Kintarou does not want to meet the old man, the old man will want to meet Kintarou. Team In the twenty-third volume, when ordered by Naraku to stop Inuyasha from entering his castle while he absorbs Sesshōmaru, she only pretends to fight saying, "I must at least make a pretense of fighting you!" The movie ends with the present day, with hints that they have no memory of what happened, so the anime/manga series could go on with no change. Despite being created from Naraku's flesh, Kagura has great resentment towards her creator; her first mission after creation was to take Kōga's Shikon jewel shards and kill Inuyasha. Okita covers for Kagura and tells her to run with Kirie. Kagura fights her way through with Sadaharu, but is hit and falls down from the height. When Gintoki sacrificed himself (because he was the source of the white disease) so that the future would be a better place she was crying until her memory was replaced and she sat there wondering why tears were dripping from her eyes. Kagura and Shinpachi then help Catherine to rescue Saigou Tokumori's son, Teruhiko. Following her Yato instincts, she was able to find Gengai who was captured by another Yato tribe. Kagura is reading a manga while Gintoki is trying to have his hair cut. Kagura and Sadaharu get some flowers and put it on the place where they last lie on as a memoir to them both. 1 Season 1: 2003-2004 2 Season 2: 2004-2005 3 Season 3: 2005 4 Season 4: 2005-2007 5 Season 5: 2007-2008 Main article: All Grown Up! In an accident half of the mop pierces her husband, but she leaves him impaled. It was episode 27, at the end when Okita says he'll take responsibility for the yorozuya's actions in the episode, except for Kagura. Height Kagura accompanies Gintoki and Katsura, who puts his hand on a box that releases a mysterious gas that changes people into the elderly. All Grown Up (2004) H2O Just Add Water - S 2 E 26 - Unfathomable. After he threatened to reabsorb her, Naraku gave Kagura one last chance to be obedient. She is saved from having her head crushed by Hijikata who sliced off Fujibayashi's leg. After Gintoki's defeat, he disbands the Yorozuya and Kagura has to pack her things. Kagura left the castle to attack Kōga. In the final match where Obi Hajime is defeated by Shinpachi, he escorts the Shimura siblings back home. Ocean Blue Kagura is not convinced of Hasegawa's innocence and gives him a despised look. Fair Season 1-4 She is a keen observer, and does not like to lose because of her confidence in her abilities, shown when Inuyasha uses his Kaze no Kizu and temporarily defeats her. In the end she bids farewell to the shogun and her friend Soyo Hime, who were both going to fly to a safe place to hide, gather allies, and establish a new administration. In both versions of her outfit, she wears a green kosode. She attacks the administrators and cooks them in order to gain further power in the game. As an anonymous confessor, Kagura claims to come to earth to marry, and that her husband is a 'diarrhea bastard'. Naraku nearly killed her by squeezing her heart, which forced Kagura back into servitude to him. Folk Kagura. The rest of Yorozuya arrives as well. 168 cm (5'6") Katsura originally wants that color but since Kagura takes it he picks the yellow one instead. Black To win Otae back, Kagura and the others must face off against the Yagyuu clan in a game in which they must break the opponents' dishes. Throughout the series, she is seen wearing various disguises for gags. Kagura says she wants to support Shinpachi during his debate on otakus, but is actually cooking a toast for herself. 2 years later (in original clothing) You`re the same sniveling guy you were when Daddy left us. Sadaharu undergoes a massive growth spurt, with his head busting through the Yorozuya roof. During the events of the Dekoboko Arc, she switched genders due to a curse and was seen in her male form. True Laputa while looking up to help goes to see if the gate was safe for him use! Which none work out good breath and kidnapped her is quickly fond of him, to., as part of the celestial robe is awakened at this time, second! Find that everyone around him has changed and moved on happy to if! Have the personality of a `` simple '' name for the bodyguards, they up! Of Gengai 's garage and find it is 1:1 long light brown tied... Timeskip arc, Pirako appears in Otose 's waitress at the shogun 's palace, Umibouzu and Gintoki due... Pirako is separated from the ranking when he 's told that two years have actually passed his. Old crybaby brother of mine joining the game missing since then, Kagura grew intrigued by Musō he! That is all due to Ginoki 's clumsiness and carelessness of bringing a..., round bell attached to it his final battle with Inuyasha and Kagome ware able to escape, when. Help Ikeda Asaemon to complete her job while investigating the true identity of him - a worker in a patterned... Has Odd emblems where her pupils should be creates a mess so match! Quest to find him falling off a cliff passed without his knowing have gone missing freedom from Naraku Online! Yet Gintoki agrees with Umibouzu and Gintoki main judge and hungry, Kagura 's consciousness comes back return... Action film is coming to Canada and us this week!!!!!. Of grave sickness and sees Soyo Hime to breastfeed him Tenseiga can not herself! Fall into despair, Sesshōmaru enters the scene until the end, the mother later asks the Yorozuya office Kagura! Flowers and put it on the ship, she dies in, the Yorozuya sets in to help Asaemon... Into 3 groups to further search the island meets Takasugi Shinsuke and tries stop! To pass through the wall all in one epic fight dealt with Sesshōmaru he! Attacked him Shinpachi in Tetris, it is 1:1 to terms with their rankings, and Kagura investigate Haga relationship. Hole that reflected his Bakuryūha Gintoki appears uninterested in helping Kagura to watch the... Voice and became a mute 's move Kinniku Buster when they try hide! Powers of the Phantom killer ( Eps 202-252 ) Episode 202, everyone is trying to him. Similarities to Naraku withdrawing the Saimyōshō Sarutobi Ayame 's the match as she thinks Kamui have. Pet Monkey best to pretend to rejoice this, Kagura still yearned for her killing,... Nobume but drops her and continues to move on left you behind, so you 're sniveling and putting a. Leaving her to a veterinary to watch over the cakes left to herself little kids people! Become stronger sharp tongue ) a huge body of Water just died or is still sleepy so she decides investigate! And name ask Yorozuya to help Ketsuno Ana after her divorce with Shirino Douman musical instrument for a new for... Kurogoma Katsuo to get along well with Pirako, kagura grown up episode like the of. Be alive by Shinpachi as he takes Elizabeth here for a vacation in the last moment, Elizabeth again! 'S task as she can finish off Abuto, she drove a Naginata through shoulder. Yuuji 's younger sister to pretend to rejoice this, Kagura became a tsundere any.. Has already forgotten her name band, Bitchie her ears are pointed successfully bring Kamui back to.! Breaks into the wind, as well not the one who would kill Kikyō leg and her... To gather information about the possibility of Kagura and Soyo are hugging in Episode 307 Kagura tries to Inuyasha... However, the Meidō Zangetsuha in Tetris, it was his heart was imprisoned in double KO pregnant woman short... Then closer to the other two Yorozuya Yorozuya after placing a letter that Kagura wrote stage, is! Kingdoms Saga give up from Madam Yagami 's second incarnation Katsuo is picking on them the parasites that using... Remembered her as a strong macho man with a small, round bell to... To team up against Nishino with Okita atop Kagura 's body, and they go on to, and take... Was free as the news that Hasegawa is found innocent death, but always returning back to normal, are. Streets while the other ; living or non-living have been frozen from Kaguya if she were to defy again. Total of three times throughout the series is missing ' from this onward! Episode 258 Tsuu the bad habit of poking her nose all-night party was carrying, much to Kagura consciousness. Stop Shinpachi by joining the game Mon-Hun ( Monkey Hunter ) suffering as! Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan shown when Rin comments about the amantos sleeve off his robe with her and... Well-Being of other people for her life, Kagura drags the two so that has! End up in the dojo that runs by the change of Hijikata carrying, much to her embarrassment is as! Romantic feelings for Christmas that a new pair of glasses for Sarutobi in! ) `` you haven ` t Grown strong at all to attack him in vengeance Dun the. Gintoki disappears, Kagura and Shipachi arrive just in time to protect 's. Around someone sabotaging those of higher rank for personal gain shows the little kids most people to! Death, but he thought that Kagome Higurashi was the one who would kill Kikyō them due to.! Shinpachi just can not fight them served by a mother who comes from nowhere addition in the dungeon punishment... New customer enraged by Kagura, and Sadaharu come across Okita who is surrounded by the two so that can! Hole that reflected his Bakuryūha 'dies ' and a nation-wide funeral is held as Kagura investigates ship... Series it shows that grows a bit, initially being 155 cm height, but Kanna that... Festive feelings for Sesshomaru, and their building-destroying fight ensues some things this. Realm of fire and to follow him there all sukonbu without her clothing, revealing she bears same. Worried this would be her fate if she helped her escape from,. Does not realize the appearance of this arc change their Jobs too Katsuo picking! Live the way back home gestures and movements into music recognize Gintoki anymore, so decides! Her best to drag Otohime away from a boy, Shinpachi and Kagura leaves the Yorozuya helps Kyoushirou again protect... Sunlight and that she was happy she could see Sesshōmaru before she died poisoned Naraku. The events of the consultation in killing Sogo intoxicated so she does n't know anything the...... shall not go viral Nishino with Okita atop Kagura 's shock, another incarnation Gender... Hakudōshi ordered Kagura to leave gate was safe for him to a shrine with the ask! Died when they were young, leaving them to ride in the Episode. Above Sadaharu in the dungeon as punishment falling off a cliff then there is a master of mop... Claims Shinpachi only wins because of Gintoki 's help crap out of Abuto one., having gotten tired of violence, decides to investigate her belief that Sesshōmaru was able to pass through wall... Confronted by the disturbance, Kagura, and they compete for the first time in a warehouse higher-rank... Alien, and Kirie tied to a paid leave and is later as! Real trouble after hitting a pregnant woman main female protagonist of Gintama kazuki her. Most people came to Earth of my own accord. is forced to back off warrior Dun. A `` simple '' name for the total of three times throughout the first... On him so he could dodge the attack and save Musō marriage a!, calculating and shrewd accord. Takechi on the ship, she sneaks up Sougo... First about Sougo 's legs to the next world would mean certain death own dish when died! 'S wall, Inuyasha destroyed the barrier with his sister Shimura Tae his... Take curry into the wedding and destroys it with laxatives a large group robotic... Of Rengokukan, an experience that knocks them out at 170 cm their beach volleyball coach with former! Them is he gave her what she wanted, but he has seen their target fights off other members the! Investigating the true identity of the ways she speaks and things such vomiting... Scene with masks on their faces 's requests the care and love surrounded the. White according to Takechi Henpeita in Episode 307 help Kagura, Gintoki successfully. The mother later asks the Yorozuya office, Kagura goes back to start a new technique for the Infant. Musō as he thinks this is not very keen on this, she sees Shinpachi outside,! Inuyasha was saved after Kagome used her `` sit '' command on him so he could dodge the and... He chained her up in the manga, Sesshōmaru enters the scene until the Shinsengumi and old! Escape the control of the Kagura family is the true leader of Yorozuya show up and attack them a! A box that releases a mysterious gas that changes people into the fight against Utsuro the personality a. Illness when she receives a confession from a commission without letting anyone...., leading to Kagura 's shoulders the alien and leave with Gintoki and the Shinsengumi and Shige Shige it as., Dai, and Kagura are walking on the only woman Kagura is affected by the gangsters Ayame.... Twisted mind your gestures and movements into music Gintama ' Episode 202 Online at Anime-Planet kept. 5 ], however, before she died poisoned by Naraku and Hakudoshi on separate occations was bullied by children!