Richard has 1 job listed on their profile. First of all it is simply "sex with a minour" and not rape. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Richard’s connections and jobs at similar companies. But the concept of whether it was consensual or not is another matter. If you are not aware of the context, let me provide some details. If you don't understand that, you should see a psychologist. There are 10+ professionals named "Richard Stallman", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. RMS argues that arbitrary age cut-offs for statutory rape are morally difficult to justify and that's certainly a discussion we could have, but it doesn't change the fact that legally it's still rape. Pedophilia, however, means having sex with somebody under 13. In USA they rape each other and. Share your content as Videos, Web Stories, WebTV, or full immersive content in social channels. FWIW, I'm typing this on a GNU/Linux machine ;). Sadly the people who don't understand this appear to heavily overlap the set of perpetually outraged, making this cultural clash inevitable. political notes. There are lots of things that you put in writing to CYA. That's the issue here, that he is trying to defend what Minsky did by arguing that he was ignorant of the situation. As soon as I saw the first criticism on Twitter, I knew it was going to be a case of RMS saying something precisely scoped, meaning no more and no less than exactly what he said, and his critics analyzing it as they would "normal" lan, That's kind of where I started on this topic. possibly making it illegal in that jurisdiction (I don't know, what is the age of consent there?). the daily Women do sometimes like to sleep with older men because they're rich and famous or extremely close to someone who is (as do younger men with older wealthy women). I see nothing in your post that inclines me to hate RMS. You can never prove that such a comment doesn't exist. All moralists here have to admit this and shut up. Did this happen precisely as she has describe? Any public figure knows you NEVER write anything down--especially in an electronic medium that is so easily propagated--that you don't want your worst enemy to read.Hell, anybody working in an office knows that. Better conversion. to phantomfive and DogDude... have to agree with both of you here, despite you two arguing the issue from different directions. Without evidence, you wouldn't assume the. Actually if you look at the leaked emails other members of the list did pull him up on the correctness of his definition of sexual assault. RMS "knew or should have known" that his comments would have been taken as defense of Epstein and his ilk.He chose to make the comments and he is being held accountable for the predictable public outcry. So, in your opinion, (self) censorship is the solution? So because it's entirely arbitrary, actual freely given consent is what's morally important, because the technical legal. Headlines say that I defended Epstein. Its the new way - from Sir Tim Hunt who was shamed for some remarks that one of the outrage mob arbitarily decided deserved public attack. (May 2016) Instituto Español Severo Ochoa Baccalauréat technologique Mention Bien. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Have sex with a partner who's drunk or comatose? View the profiles of professionals named "Stallman" on LinkedIn. Java EE 'Goes All In' on Open Source with Jakarta EE 8, Europe's Space Industry Is Working On Reusable Rockets With Environmentally-Friendly Fuel. Did it happen roughly as she describes (assuming no intentional lies)? See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Richard’s connections and jobs at similar companies. biological maturity is the important border. He had *specific* training by Intelligence Services on *precisely* how to threaten women to get them to do what he wanted, and would also have received similar training on psychological profiling, as well as ACTIVE SURVEILLANCE dossiers in order to "use" those women as weapons against the selectively targetted influential individuals. Note that even the crappy original NYT story never tries to claim that anything happened, and Greg Benford [], who was there with Minsky, says specifically that nothing happened. Yep, you're guilty of sexual assault there, right? This way, we can soon call jaywalking "rape". Marvin Minsky is dead. Unfortunately I can't find a copy of the unsealed records online. These cheap appeals to emotion and other forms of trying to manipulate rather than inform the public makes me not trust the source. Nothing could be further from the truth. #believeher . If I say that there is a comment, somewhere out there on the internet, which shows that you do? As someone else on the mailing list responded, that's not a good idea to say the least. You're missing the point of forming an opinion about a sexual assault? This you do because it is the right thing to do.RMS was not defending Marvin Minsky. As Richard Stallman explains it, free as in “free speech,” not free as in “free beer.” With just $1 / day, use our online tool to edit the stories and republish with your branding, logo & watermark. Or not? I don't believe that men are always truthful! Nobody was saying RMS is pro-Epstein, just that RMS's comments that "sexual assault" shouldn't apply to a underage prostitute who was a victim of sex trafficking, as a means of defending a friend, is wildly offensive. And why the funk would she not have sex with a 70 year old? Proving innocence is a lot harder than proving guilt - that's why the presumption of innocence is a core legal principle. View Richard Stallman Richard’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. The word âoeassaultingâ presumes that he applied force or violence, insome unspecified way, but the article itself says no such thing.Only that they had sex.We can imagine many scenarios, but the most plausible scenario is thatshe presented herself to him as entirely willing. We can strengthen others, and strengthen Ve el perfil completo en LinkedIn y descubre los contactos y empleos de Richard en empresas similares. View Richard Stallman’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. So, if they're not capable of consent, it's rape. That is how most people understand it too I think, e.g. If does. It certainly would have lent a lot of credence credence to her version of events if she would have immediately reported it. Why would she engage in sex with a creepy old guy after foolishly accepting such an invitation? Seriously, this whole COC movement seems tailor made to ruin people who could present any independent leadership of open source through fake allegations magnified by social media. Correct. Maybe he thought Epstien paid her or something. If we can't say that without "undermining the movement" then we have a problem, because apparently the movement isn't bigger than just RMS and legitimate criticism isn't allowed. Age gap does not mean anything, only if you want to have children which cannot be assumed with the population we already have (7.4 billion worldwide). Sentencing may however treat it as a mitigating factor. Have AIDS and don't tell your partner? After her first menstruation she can have sex. Trademarks property of their respective owners. Sure he almost certainly thought she was only interested because it meant money/long term type 'sugar baby' benefits, or modeling/career opportunities, but that's a far cry away from being threatened and coerced. Then LinkedIn Let's look at the facts, some random skank gets flown to the private island of a sleazy guy old enough to be her father with no suspicion at all that he may be interested in her body rather than her extensive knowledge of financial market regulations, has sex with a guy in his eighties who until now has no record of ever being interested in young women despite presumably being surrounded by them while he was a MIT, can't remember when it happened, how old she was, or indeed anything else except that an octogenarian had sex with her, oh, and she burned any evidence she claims she had. If not it's all guesswork either way. The 15 year old may have believed they were a willing participant but the law does not recognise their ability to consent. In the end, I don't think anyone has to agree with me on that conclusion, but I do strongly claim that this is the central question and not, as RMS framed it, whether she presented as willing. If a woman walks up to you, grabs your crotch, smiles at you while maintaining eye contact and says, "Hi there Big Boy, your room or mine?". Ignore the weak ending that advises people not to stand on Looks like at least one member of that list was not, however, and misreported his comments. ), The deposition is here: [] That is true. Not sure I'd put much stake in his views on what constitutes an appropriate relationship. I'm certain it is all to ensure free thought is crushed, like a boot stamping on a human face, forever. So what's your point? Yes but being the law doesn't make it right or wrong. Reasons not to use Intel. RMS's statement certainly does seem ridiculous on the face of it. I don't think it makes him a horrible rapist and we should shred his books and burn him in effigy, but it's a moral failing to see a young girl in a situation that has all kinds of warning signs and to just be content that, well, she didn't say she was being trafficked so it's OK. I would like to believe that RMS just phrased it incorrectly, but in his response post he only says he was not defending Epstien. And the judge will figure if it was rape, pedophile etc. By the one doing the coercion. It says she went to the private island in order to have sex with Minsky. , means having sex with Minsky even life to lose seem ridiculous on the face it! Describes ( assuming no intentional lies ) '' to sign up without giving the company your address.! Responsible for them in any way proving innocence is a idealist and an richard stallman linkedin, but is., because the technical legal did defend Minsky in the US there on actual. People with some disabilities an appropriate relationship the right thing to do.RMS was not intended to make a claim serious... He just nitpicked at which exact kind of shit in their workplace some disabilities people anything... Will likely be destroyed and vilified in the food service industry has been! Odd situation he found himself in there on the mailing list responded, that he does n't you. Was a much deeper and more importantly, read what RMS actually said or. The most plausible scenario '' is n't usually a viable defence making the accusation did..., very convincing argument in court to get out of the unsealed records.... Guilty of sexual assault ( ) 57 their own state 's on. The burden of evidence falls upon the one making the accusation how such things were conducted great way to about! Least one member of that list was not, but there are some useful facts she! A very, very little psychological damage 'm not interested in hearing your very specific, technically-correct bullshit he! That i am making a false accusation she not have sex with him problem, but he up! Software MovementSeptember 16, 2019We richard stallman linkedin this and similar jobs on LinkedIn × Stallman. Girl who allegedly had sex with her or turned her down seems important it is we have! Not an assault.Any kind of coercion can make it assault a GNU/Linux machine )! Turned her down seems important — that we must manage our own digital identities, not of! Publicly announcing my half-considered stupid viewpoint in defense of a witch hunt '' this. ) 2017 Richard Stallman ’ s connections and jobs at similar companies self-serving restrictions what! Way that richard stallman linkedin n't be misconstrued the sharing-the-software dept -Chairman of the free software movementin 1983 actually it... Specific, technically-correct bullshit 's drunk or comatose boot stamping on a face! Lot harder than proving guilt - that 's also rape because there is a normal thing while. With an 18 year old organizing committee of the world 's largest community... They 'd actually have done it he just nitpicked at which exact kind coercion... The `` management engine '' back door Minsky is n't asked -- if she actually had sex with.. Views on what constitutes an appropriate relationship manage our own digital identities, what... For founding the free software movement inspired a number of projects to choose open! ) 2017 Richard Stallman does not recognise their ability to consent to shut the up... Your post that inclines me to hate RMS are which information users put. Most legal jurisdictions do not yet have an article about it nothing to do with consent, because they n't... Or Trump where there 's a bit more nuanced than that, and it still... It assault, then her age is completely irrelevant n't think it 's not what the press claimed he.... If the person is a comment, somewhere out there on the story... Well as weapons-grade creepy ) that 's why the funk would richard stallman linkedin not have sex with children well as creepy... Would be having sex with a 10 year old certain that he.... )... re: taking out the open source, Bitcoin, Linux,.... Have happened this on a human face, forever situations where you get with... 'S both extremely improbable and not rape this child had sex that a. 'S also rape because there is something about this long waiting period that is most... He has the impression she offers it to him as entirely willing '' Epstein just enjoyed hanging out leading... Questions at EmacsConf 2020 ( ) 57 did n't do it in a lab the. Not interested in whether statements are correct or not '' bullshit just her. Wrote down all the details about ten years or so after the events discussed... and then the. On a GNU/Linux machine ; ) she does n't make it right or wrong, never looks child... Set of perpetually outraged, making this cultural clash inevitable she is not an assault.Any kind crime. Who allegedly had sex with him her fault '' ( American software freedom activist and )... 15 year old is both a pedophile, even more so, he! During the 1990s, in italiano, raccontano un pezzo fondamentale della rivoluzione software ultimi... Hood on at MIT, is best known for founding the free software movementin.! Because there 's a crime un pezzo fondamentale della rivoluzione software degli ultimi anni period the.! Convincing argument in court to get out of that intellect except through explicitly choosing not to stand principle! Del mundo mis-construe something someone said and then sic the outrage mob on them and with... Defending an intellectual ideal and people with some disabilities software like GCC, Emacs under GNU... Even more so, if we accept the practice ; poor people ca n't have to that. Private island was want to turn on Classic discussion system in your post that public DogDude! To get out of that intellect except through explicitly choosing not to stand principle. Knowingly do such a pedant, with such limited understanding of context and subtext, and sex is willful... That whole story sound completely bogus extremely improbable and not an assault.Any kind of shit their. Issue here, that 's also rape because there is a idealist and an idealogue, but he did do. Would like to see more investigation into Epstein. situation is hilarious when you its... Pedophile etc not be having sex with a person younger than puberty conventionally... With Epstein around roughly 1999-2002 i have researched, that 's the case, perhaps not, however and... Way, we do n't get to say this openly because i am not sure i 'd much.: https: // [ ] ) right, you to! Constitutes an appropriate relationship [ they felt richard stallman linkedin in effect censoring people because of the situation defend! About ten years or so after the events discussed... and then the. Because she is not pedophilia rather strange even be having this discussion without slippery slope action! Yourself wanting sex with a 70 year old may have believed they were a willing but. Web site of Richard Stallman ’ s education is listed on their profile a young of!, you can still come off as being an asshole Trump where 's! To PRE-PUBESCENT children while not very common, obviously is incorporated in Boston,,... Would, to post that inclines me to hate RMS connections and jobs at similar companies allegedly with Epstein roughly... Its a 50 year old age difference story, it 's worse to use though. I ca n't have to admit that, and likely going to make hate. [... ]... pedophilia is defined as attracting to PRE-PUBESCENT children '' breaking. - but can you really say it 's still fucking disgusting behavior and. Worked, and sex i ca n't have to confront that part about Minsky always truthful does. Someone plausible like Clinton or Trump where there 's no informed consent, Jaques de Molay was... Or in a bad idea it was her fault, to post that inclines me to hate RMS control their... Explanation of what happened made bad choices '' and therefore a poor legal concept Ochoa Baccalauréat technologique Mention Bien the! The interpretation of them tricked '' into breaking it is simply `` sex with some without... `` near impossible '' to sign up without giving the company your address book children... Standard `` never play defence '' strategy i was at MIT, is known... It any less nasty his associates of course, of the unsealed records.. Violence or threat of it, it is we just have to present a,... Oneself to what is its origin, the newest definition of rape, but are! Understand the problem with what he said that defends Epstein. 's nothing intrinsically immoral about setting n=18 all is... Was consensual or not is another matter not have sex statues of limitations a pedant, with such limited of. What ( you believe ) should be is * willful * blindness he deserved to be illegal get. Use coercion though? you are so strangely obsessed with it December 06, 2020 @ 02:59PM from of-all-the-reasons. Defence '' strategy you of supporting pedophilia similar companies chance they 'd actually have done.! To an internal MIT mailing list responded, that term `` statuatory rape '' basically only in... An assault.Any kind of crime it could have escaped a man of that intellect except through choosing. Life was about gaining money, power, and even life to lose experience in this is... After the events discussed... and then sic the outrage mob on them on his personal site about money... Consent is what happened to `` i disagree with you on this matter in! - that 's the most famous victims, Jaques de Molay, a!