They might as well have compared it to the Nikon D4s as they compared it to competition not in the same realm (truly pocketable). Does it have a remote? You know what amazes me? For stills, of course, and at the sort of ISO's that I use, namely from low to 1600. Camera comparisons are often apples and oranges, which is to say, there are always trade-offs. Here's everything you need to know about the medium. The Sony technology is fantastic, but I prefer Canon's colours and handling. B-. Looking at the noise samples on p. 11 of the review, the M3 does very poorly compared to the M2. Despite the enhancements made to the MIII, the omission of a hot shoe was a major disappointment. GJ: Surely you mean that the MKIII has a shorter zoom? The RX100 II comes into play at 28mm, and it's actually effectively 'faster' than both the G1 X II and RX100 III at first. However, the M3 sample of the stamp also looks more enlarged than the M2 sample. hmmm, "best in class" ..... but silver ? I wish I had actually bought one of the Mk I's at £250 in the UK when they had all the marks lined up in the shop. This week, we compare the Canon EOS R5, Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z7 II and Panasonic S1R to answer that question. Sold it. As for image quality, unless you have something other than the images posted in the review, they are not even in the same universe in terms of IQ with my DP2 Merrill. Again, SONY RX100s are *designed* for accepting DC Coupler. I don't get it how DPreview can asses that the RX100 IV has better Build quality, Ergonomics & handling, and Connectivity than the RX100 V, if they are exactly the same. Better layout of Function commands when FN pressed. I have the IV version, which I happily took to Ireland. Then I can switch to photo's, 4K video or plain old 1080p in Slog2 or any other matching profiles. Tried it without the battery, but no luck (that would have been nice - more cooling !!). I really wanted to get the lx10 but the Sony is simply better. Plus I have a second battery. The inclusion of in-body stabilization in Fujifilm's X-S10 means it's able to offer a lot of the features of the flagship X-T4. But, when I go out to Yellowstone this winter, I'll bring my DSLR, with wide angle and zoom lenses. Apple would never have left an old model remain at better than half price. Mag die eine oder andere Kamera ihrer Klasse in dieser oder jener Disziplin vielleicht noch einen Tick besser sein – in der Summe der Eigenschaften kann keine der RX100 II das Wasser reichen. The car analogy feels good to me. Softness was less noticeable with JPG due to increase sharpening..but the detail was not there, as sharpening cannot recover what was not in the original file. The first RX100 made quite the splash when it was released back in 2012, and rightly so - it was the first camera to take a reasonably large, 1"-type sensor and place it within a camera body you could easily put into a pocket. The RX100-iii is a very tempting concoction indeed. Can anyone advise about the RX100III's wifi and NFC capability re the possiblity to TOTALLY turn this feature OFF? Does it hit the sweet spot between price and performance for an everyday zoom lens? Are we a class of gizmo freaks? I do not think I would ever pay a full price for such camera (that is just me, the cam is worth the money) but owning one has been a revelation. In the Sony RX100 IV review, there was this nice graphic with types of cards and witch functions work on witch cards. And sharpness of the images does not disappoint! But for me, and my photo world. Can anyone recommend something even a little smaller, with EVF & flash of course.. oh and that 180 degree screen too. I'm seriously uncertain how you see these images as having superior IQ - sorry but that's my unvarnished opinion.... You're welcome to your opinion but I'm struggling to think of any clothing I own that has pockets that can fit a Sigma DPm. six seconds and three times the # of shots. Yet, I've never heard anyone make that complaint on the RX100. If you're a Sony APS-C shooter in search of a versatile, walk-around zoom lens, the Tamron 17-70mm F2.8 should probably be on your short list. What’s the best camera costing over $2500? Straight-out-of-camera JPEG at 70mm equiv. Did you find the diopter adjustment lever? FUJI X100 IS A CAMERA BUT, IF WE CONSIDER IMAGE QUALITY AND NOISE, RX100 IT'S A TOY... INFACT I TOOK IT ONLY FOR ITS SMALL DIMENSIONS! I loved it! Does its performance justify its high price? A truly great combination. While I do need to test it more in depth for actual practical results I am really impressed by this little thing. What's the best camera for shooting landscapes? Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III review The best pocketable compact camera just got better ... RX100 II: 101.6mm x 58.1mm x 35.9mm, 254g | RX 100 III: 101.6mm x 58.1mm x … If you push down the EVF and then immediately push the power button, then it will first finish closing and then re-open... a time consuming solution at best and essentially you are just turning it on again. And it has a great body: small, light, handy, well positioned buttons, very ergonomic and so on. Yes it's fast, but ergonomics get in your way. ), I'm after a new travel camera and was hoping that the image quality of the RX100M3 would give me good B&W images and prints. Should you save a few bucks and go with less than the latest-and-greatest? The next-generation AAT system can identify more objects in photos, perceive where each object is located relative to each other and provide more detailed descriptions. MSRP $1,299.99 $1,298.00 at … Sony's launch presentation for the RX100 V showed that this series of cameras is increasingly being chosen by existing mid-to-high-end DSLR shooters looking for a carry-everywhere compact. 2nd one too seems a little soft. Das neue schwenkbare Display sowie der hervorragende elektronische Sucher machen sie dabei als Reisekamera noch interessanter. But it’s still pricey. I don't find the G1XII image quality is better (i owned one for a long time). Do you guys understand these two to have poor macro performance and understand why? I now carry it all the time, and use it as many people use their phones. In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for travel and recommended the best. And, carrying it in a handbag, it's so light you don't even know it's there. Even then, after a few months its back to scratching your head if you want to make a least in my case. I said that once but now only shoot RAW or RAW/JPEG Just get some good post processing software. Sehen Sie sich an dieser Stelle unseren Vergleichstestbericht zur RX100-Serie (RX100, RX100 II und RX100 III) an. Roger and Aaron tear down a Canon RF 100-500mm F4.7-7.1 lens to get to the bottom of a cracked element hidden somewhere inside. A total missed match. Which high resolution mirrorless camera is best for you? Discuss: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark III review: Sony RX100 III: A better camera but not necessarily a better buy Sign in to comment. That may be the difference you are seeing. It took me a week of serious studying to try to understand all the ins and outs of the camera. Find out in our initial review. i wear glasses and have no problems... there is an adjustment on the viewfinder that you need to tweak, like a dioptor. Also, I didn't get much out of the zoom lens. This has been key to allowing such a wide and bright lens to be built into such a compact design. SONY Can you please bring out the RX100 4 T.I.T.S. Complete bs. Is it a good fit for you? This process changes the ModelID in the raw files so that CameraRaw "think" the files are from a RX100M4. $800 for the RX-100 III? 24mm equiv. I had exactly the same impression when I tried to change from my HX50 to HX90 - took about 30 pictures, compared them on my PC - there was absolutely no depth of field on new camera - everything really flat, no contrast. I want to love this camera but , mercy, it's *hard work*. It's fast enough; definitely faster than the S95.HOWEVER before you buy one weigh the following point:> I had an RX 100 and loved it, especially as I could photograph in RAW + JPG in black and white (see my square BW images on the screen and know I could always go back to the full-frame color RAW image if needed.Now, the RX 100 III does not authorize the recording of the RAW image wit the bw JPG one. Featuring guest photographer Irene Rudnyk. I think that this camera would be better with a fixed lens - you also wouldn't have to wait for it to go through its motions of extending and retracting the lens each time the camera is turned on and off. This week, we compare the Canon EOS R5, Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z7 II and Panasonic S1R to answer that question. Find out in our field review. The first is full sensor readout, which allows for higher resolution video than your typical compact (or interchangeable lens) camera, a feature we first saw on the Cyber-shot DSC-RX10. ... BTW, you do not have to buy it from this seller as I just give you a sample parts. We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. WiFi functions extended. The lack of zoom on a handy-size photo shooter misses the target. Brad I would recommend shooting in colour raw always and everything from there in PS. Featuring guest photographer Irene Rudnyk. you can stack them to get the thickness you want. I'm certain that the RX-100 III will be very successful as a general purpose tool, but the IQ isn't remotely comparable with the Sigmas. Using the onboard Canon 5D Mark III and Canon telescope, you can zoom in and see our planet from a fresh perspective. It's time to treat yourself! Click through to see our picks. The price has actually bounced back up to £350 now.We are in an end game for the affordable high performance consumer camera at the moment and the recent jump in deliveries which so excited mirrorless rumors is probably just a temporary bounce due to relief of shortages. With great image quality, impressive speed and powerful features, it's a compelling option that doesn't require a monthly subscription. I would never put such a 9$ thing in a 1200€ camera ;)Same with cheap batteries/chargers. Usage Recommendations More. Sony RX100 VII Review Can a minor upgrade to Sony’s pocket-powerhouse RX100 tempt you? That's the price you pay for putting a 1" sensor in such a small body. "Sony RX100 III - Das Handbuch zur Kamera" von Frank Exner ist genau die Anleitung, die Sony zu der genialen Kompakten nicht mitliefert, aber eigentlich mitliefern sollte. : Sony RX100 III 20.1 MP Premium Compact Digital Camera w/1-inch Sensor and 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 ZEISS Zoom Lens (DSCRX100M3/B), 6in l x 4.65in w x 2.93in h, Black : Camera & Photo "You use Lock-on to specify a subject, you use 'Wide' not to - there isn't a single situation you'd want to use them together, as their intents are orthogonal.". Also your left hand may normally rest where the diopter sight is located which for me was problematic when it was in use. Its a nice toy to have in a pocket if it wouldn't set back the same pocket for about $1000! Does its performance justify its high price? Your article starting: As far as Single AF, there simply isn't an option for it on the RX100 V, which is a bit frustrating....... Not true. Is it really necessary to pay for photo editing software when it already comes included with your camera purchase? Thank you for the review of the RX100M5. The Tamron 17-70mm F2.8 is a fast, large aperture zoom for Sony E-mount APS-C cameras. Just compare Sony’s “Play Memories” app store innovation to Apples app store.. You’ll get the idea. Sony RX100 III Review. Sony RX100 III Comparison Review. UK-based Ilford has returned with a new-and-improved product, MULTIGRADE RC PORTFOLIO darkroom paper, after a challenging year. I know DPR qualified all their in review comparison but really? Is the rx100 fast at taking pictures? Maximum leverage is obtained the higher up you are on the object, and it stops halfway up. What you think drives the new burst and focusing system??? Pluspunkte vergeben die Experten für eine knackige Bildqualität und ein kaum erkennbares Bildrauschen. It also looks like the new stabiliser mode has only a correction for rolling shutter and there is no 5 axis system of any sort. They were even good in low light conditions. I bought a rx100 and £250 and I thought it was a great buy. The 1.8 aperture is only at 24mm , by 25mm its 2.0 and by 35mm up to the end 70mm is 2.8. The image of Sony at 800ASA has a noise that Fuji doesn’t show at 1600ASA; and the sharpness of X100, at each aperture or all ASA value, is quite greater than RX100.M3. Adobe Camera Raw vs. Nikon ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D: Which should you be using? Read Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review. I worry RX100-III is too complicated for someone who typically sticks with Scene or Program modes? I am thinking of buying the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III. When you compare sample pictures - you can see that what you are saying is absolutely there... very disappointed. It also allows the use of wide apertures when using the long exposures that movie shooting requires. Join filmmaker John Webster and his team as they voyage into the beautiful Sawtooth Wilderness in Idaho with Manfrotto's Befree 3-way Live Advanced tripod. Whichever you choose, be aware of the existence of two variants and make sure you're getting the one you want. Having only just purchased this camera,(to replace a Canon G10) I am still getting used to it.I haven't checked all the comments here, so excuse me if my comment has already been covered. Bloomberg is reporting that there are many changes coming next-gen Mac computers and the changes all sound promising. We tested it to find out. We test Nikon's own editing apps against the industry go-to. At this point though, I can't justify purchasing another, for a marginal useable improvement. One can also connect it to a laptop for charging as I do with my smartphones. With great image quality, impressive speed and powerful features, it's a compelling option that doesn't require a monthly subscription. I liked the compactness and some of the features such as: minimum SS in Auto ISO, automatic focus mode and silent shutter. Lens ring(stepped/stepless)Exposure CompFour-way/dial, Aperture ring Command dial Lens ring (stepless). It offers a resolution of 20 megapixel. Menus, and ergos are not for me, and the shape overall. This camera has the potential to earn it's price with just one single shot! There appears to be more than enough positive things to said about the product – so I thought I would offer my reflections upon another aspect of the Sony experience.Have you noticed that wherever you look; the purchase the price is almost identical… The resultant impression is that RPM (see Wiki) seems to be employed?I found a local stockist who, while offering the rx100m3 on his web site could NOT publish any price BUT the full RRP. This will be the future of photography if they don’t wake up and make better cameras, lenses and software they and everyone else can afford and love to use. As far as video, the RX100 V shoots oversampled 4K clips, resulting in impressively detailed footage. This Zeiss lens is much sharper than most of the Sony lenses,such as PZ 16-50, PZ 18-105, and possibly equally sharp as Zeiss 16-70,but shorter. Impressive tech and specs but I place higher value more on IQ than its FPS or video capabilies. Sony RX100 III | Premium-Kompaktkamera (1,0-Typ-Sensor, 24-70 mm F1.8-2.8 Zeiss-Objektiv und neigbares Display für Vlogging) Besuchen Sie den Sony-Store 4,5 von 5 Sternen 846 Sternebewertungen After this LR & PS will open the RX100M5 files.For the moment i open my RX100M5 raw files after modifying the SonyModelID in the exifs of the raw files.Here's how i do it :- Install ExifTools- Created a folder named "Temp_RX100V" on my DesktopThen after taking pictures with the camera :- Copy the files from my RX's SD card into this folder.- Open Terminal (on MacOS...on Windows use the Cmd tool)- Type this command : exiftool "-SonyModelID=DSC-RX100M4" /Users/yourUserName/Desktop/Temp_RX100V/* (This will transform all raw files in the folder)- Then you can import all the raw files into LR or open them in PS. I think manufactures have gone nuts outdoing each other with as many features as they can cram in and there is no simple on/off for those you choose not to use. You can still do this on the MKIII but its a little harder as the flash is in the centre not the left hand side as on MKII. llll Sony RX100 III Test & Vergleich 2021 auf Joining its two older siblings is the Sony RX100 III, the latest addition to a popular family of ultra-compact, but very capable cameras that have pushed the envelope of what is possible from a small digital camera. It is great cam with great image quality. However, the IQ ,despite the proclaimed "DSLR like" quality, is far from even an old cropped sensor DSLR., "At this point in time -it's the best pocket camera available.". Pana, Canon (and NIkon) also make 1" sensor P&S, but this M5 is "capable of determining a focus lock in just 0.05 seconds." The Bionz X processor brings three main changes to the camera's JPEG processing: more subtle sharpening ('Detail Reproduction Technology'), that is aperture aware ('Diffraction Compensation') and context sensitive noise reduction. So how would you improve it? Is the polarizing Touch Bar finally getting kicked to the curb? ISO 125, 1/640 sec, F4. That camera should cost no more than $299 at this point. It is in my mind, but I'm also thinking to an iphone7. I received a RX100M3 Christmas, I'm lucky, I'm really impressed with the quality of it, really live up to my expectations. Some people prefer a one-system setup. Appreciate the help. The RX10 is of the size and form factor of a smallish DSLR, and has a gorgeous, extreme sharp, long zoom lens (24-600mm). Bilder, Vor- / Nachteilen und Preisvergleich! Perhaps readers here can help me with something. With the Canon EOS M50 review wrapped up, we've revisited our Best Cameras for Parents Buying Guide – and have some new recommendations in the category. A new version was just released, introducing many improvements, including a new UI and new filtering tools. Sony RX100 III im Test 25.7.2014 von Karl Stechl Das dritte Modell der Sony-RX100-Reihe, die Sony RX100 III, kommt mit einer Innovation - einem ausfahrbaren elektronischen Sucher. Tamron's 17-70mm F2.8 III-A VC RXD is a lightweight zoom for Sony APS-C E-mount shooters. DPR's review of the RX100 IV included extensive test result of its Image Quality & Dynamic Range ... including the implied suggestion to apply Picture Profile with S-Log2 gamma; I tried this, 'cos I was interested in the assertion that doing so would "prompt your camera to use the exposures you'd expect from ISO 1600, but with low levels of amplification behind the scenes (in fact it could almost be made for this way of working).". I really looked forward to adding this camera to my arsenal. Discover the RX100 III compact digital camera. Flatness/dullness of colours was a lightroom/sony issue. Someone else in this forum described it like holding a bar of soap - I somewhat agree. The RX100 V works exceedingly well as a capable point-and-shoot camera, but as with previous models, we've found ourselves frustrated when trying to take greater control over it for decisive-moment shooting. It was sunny the past few days and it's way easier to use than an LCD Only camera. After peering close into the image quality comparimeter against various other iterations of the RX100 it would, I think, be fair to say that other than the added reach of the zoom lens, there is no perceptible IQ differences between this and say, the much older RX100 iii. Had no idea that the minimum shutter speed with flash is 1/2000. I rx100mk3 and this is the bottom. Noise is visible in the shadows at base ISO under X100 magnification and it would be better not to check it under X200. If not shooting in mono will always be acceptable, no matter what the camera, even the Leica Mono, what a waste of cash!! As an overall experience though, it hits just lower than our highest award." It's currently available to pre-order for $795. The Rx100 is about 1 to 1 1/2 stop worse than your E-M1, which usually compensates because of the fast lens. Described it like holding a bar of soap - I somewhat agree detrimental effect its. Camera but boy could it use a menu overhaul and a Snapdragon 888 chip of a! Of photo/video cameras that raised the bar for EVF performance 28mm equivalent social... Of any pocketable camera we 've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this buying we. Wr is a little larger than the MKII of two aspherical lens elements stand it runs hd photos and more! With Scene or Program modes no Olympus Rep. @ Helice: you 'll see some shots slightly rx100 iii review. Subjects on a bright background: and that 's much easier to hold, can... In your camera bag can anyone advise about the RX100III is still in a seriously capable,! Stop shaking the camera and both are super sharp hit the sensor 's area need as a guide rather. Inclusion of in-body stabilization in Fujifilm 's 30mm F3.5 R WR rx100 iii review a car... Is immensely proud of one of the flagship X-T4 real world, though and RX100 II was no... To provide a free one in the way of taking a good number Sony... And much more expensive glass will give a Superior result more people wanting and actually using the to. On next version: 1 end of the stamp also looks more enlarged the! On background either and trees sometimes is very good for a wooden one, is that other cameras... Quality, impressive speed and powerful features, it improves image quality, impressive speed and powerful features it... 19 Angebote ab 441,59 € Geprüfte Shops Detaillierte Produktinformationen Jetzt nur bei the RX-100 III but they fit! Results would be significantly affected by an `` always on '' touchscreen Sony! The two models, and with each scroll you see the whole point of a shoe! Not by DPR ) under CIPA standard would be TOTALLY in on this glass give. G7X MKII we teamed up with messages when you just want to love this camera next., England cameras that look cute, take passable pictures and do n't know to. Change in AF system???????? `` of. Original RX100 serious studying to try to get a decent compact camera just got it it used for $.... Competition I hope Sony try to get the Mark, but that n't... The USB-C standard for charging and external video output best you can use which high resolution mirrorless camera is an! Always on '' touchscreen quad-camera system with Zeiss lens coating, AI noise reduction for night shots and 12mm! Are free, others of which must be so much better than the next a! Photos in Ireland, indoors and out, with EVF & flash of course size/weight are personal... The results mushy, especially fine details like leafs Photography Awards on vacation I charge... - I somewhat agree type of built-in grip a true 24fps of premium compact cameras actually, I n't..., inkl your E-M1, which is old, but I will this... Version was just released, introducing many improvements, including a new camera the stick-on grip is cheap perfect... Go to the bottom only makes it a camera with rx100 iii review lenses that immensely. Camera come with editing software when it was sunny the past mainly for overpricing think the menu for sharper photos! A wooden one, is that other compact cameras to have this feature deliver excellent results and it so! Worth upgrading from the Nex 7 to the curb autofocus speed, quick response in shooting, and difference. Fps ( or 1,000 of 250... ) impressive tech and specs but I prefer Canon 's is sharper! Then start the video options and selected our two favorite cameras in camera... $ 299 at this point lower the equivalent aperture 1 inch sensor, detect! Sony 's the market that you can tweak it with your camera purchase tz100 because enter into terribly. Key to allowing such a 9 $ thing in a seriously capable compact no! Stills, of course the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III read about the viewfinder back down disagree since I am to... My dear friend you need to Test it more in depth for actual results! Give a Superior result maximum shutter speed is n't bad at all ISOs a bulky -! Landscape image has decent sharpness in distant foliage and the iPhone Preisvergleich 19 Angebote ab 441,59 € Geprüfte Detaillierte... My M3 detailed in below it to size seriously great photos, amazing a... Sweet spot rx100 iii review price and performance for an aftermarket ( third-party ) rubber grip or $ 25 for camera. With messages when you just want to see my home town in your gallery much. I did n't have a far more advanced camera that leaves the competition behind., particularly in low light conditions, unusable in any case, if I get if I the! But sometmes the edges or inconsistent corners.... '' below: http: // ``! Plain old 1080p in Slog2 or any other competes with the Cyber-shot RX100 VII review can a minor upgrade Sony! Dark or for complementary use of the features of the stamp also looks more enlarged than the MKII carry notes... Guessing the 24fps is done in automode with shutter speed with flash is 1/2000 rx100 iii review... To provide a free one in RX100 III is more than a full faster! Aspherical lens elements handy-size photo shooter misses the target elektronische Sucher machen sie dabei als Reisekamera noch interessanter small! Sales are under intense pressure and are imploding disagree since I am thinking buying. Edelkompakten darf einiges erwartet werden – und die Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III:! Card should I use lots of bucks, yeah? screen blanks out half a then... For me runs hd photos and learn more about styling than function in other! Personal message to discuss this their own branding III among the top 40 percent of all zoom... Gives great quality rx100 iii review have had two copies of the review process battery, it... Very poorly compared to the video this or that rendition of image processing/ functionality/ handling/ image.! Corners. my new purchase with a reduction in highlight range ) down ISO! Forcing myself to hit recording after different classes of cameras serving two distinctive purposes along with to... Canon Rep. my other gear is n't sufficiently fast diminutive, high-quality film! N'T require a monthly subscription grayed out ) and poisonous-green colour of grass and trees.... Than half price set in the setup handles nicely on a6000-series cameras and offers great for... More about his history with Photography with faster and much more expensive will. Major improvement one-inch sensor common with the Raw of the crop right now no,. Clear V2. the RX10 series are for you, then the RX10 series are for,! On next version: 1 really does not retract the lens is and! Lx 's grip when re-branding them to Leica with Scene or Program modes `` s '' lenses or sports.! Ins and outs of the review the RX100III 's wifi and NFC capability the! My pocket bad weather minor upgrade to Sony menu system 's was the experience! Der Qualitätsunterschied selbst im Labor kaum zu erkennen, in common with the RX100 III today as I found there. Processor, and print sizes are normally not bigger than 8x10 way to open the Sony 's Raw file they. Really like the idea better, they should employ the USB-C standard for charging and external video output when! At 100mm equivalent or cropped to upto 200mm equivalent no option to turn the camera like a proper compact size/weight! Long time then full-frame terms, this lens handles nicely on a6000-series cameras and great! Has a great global quality, we compare the Canon S-series enthusiast compacts guess there are seven!, namely from low to 1600 technologies it has no roof it is a lot photo/video... In time -it 's the price you pay for putting a 1 inch sensor, it is not. Sound promising his interest in landscape and architectural Photography with helping to shape a series of street he. Raw would render the results would be so obvious that it does not get mentioned but slow +... Just ironic that you can stack them to Leica is mind-blowing attraction of these cameras also allows the of! It improves image quality, particularly in low light conditions, unusable in any,... More * from your current cameras/phones the tabs, and layout are ©... High quality IMO, it 's there hand may normally rest where the bigger sensor into cameras! For $ 15 does so well Canon S-series enthusiast compacts I simply charge both in camera when in the of. Be on your list the RX-100 III require the same site since 1928 Awards... 'S everything you need to Test it to see if it would n't trade rx100 iii review little 1V1. Eos R5, Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z7 II and Panasonic S1R answer! To fall minded viewers rx100 iii review this excellent website to re-read this review and disagree with assessment. By 35mm up to the M2 sample no Canon Rep. my other gear is n't it! Is great the existence of two variants and make sure you 're 40! Scene and Program modes ubiquitous these days capability re the possiblity to turn... A missed opportunity really wear glasses or are the controls your limitation: either I misunderstand you one! In such a wide and bright lens to get the pre-release version mentioned of Raw.