if your KRU is slower than bossk, use FOO/Kylo/Fost to give TM to KRU to do that. Strategy - Avoid getting countered [daze or attacking from stealth/assists]. 6* Mods and G12+ often make her above 100K). If Anakin naps take out Fives, Rex, Echo, ARC. bit harder vs Nest/Wampa there, but you can just keep them stunned for long time with KRU turns. Full disclaimer: there is a lot of RNG and other factors that can mess up this counter. if its Talzin and you are vs Chewie, it become bit tricky, but just focus chewie first and it will be done. might still fail if Malak have CAvoidance arrow. Frequent dispels and target lock, GG high damage and hard to focus him, high TM gains with zetas from B2 and B1. Dou (Han+CLS): offensive team, high crits, high damage, high TM gain, and lot of counter attacks. You could also take a break until they show us the next pair. Holdo great here for AoE daze and tankiness. STAR WARS © & TM document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Under Rex, they have a lot of TM gain and bonus health. with lot of potency, cause GBA have some good ten also, and with a daze near them to shut down assists. with zDaka can ensure the NS will survive. start get chewy fast enough to dispel stealth, so when GG aoe, you all counter attack. As long as other 501st allies are active and he has protection, no other allies can't be targeted and won't lose health. to avoid the crit avoidance - Advantage, Lash out (Kylo), and FoX hitting debuffed enemies. Immunity to TMR + Stop TM Gain = Speed meta. Palp can remove bit HP from IPD so he can bomb fast. work slowly towards killing them all using crits, exposes cant be resisted. recommended to have tank here (GK/Holdo/L3) and focus chewie first. recommended with AoE dealers for fast recovery from plague. Need good timing on the hits. focus chewbacca hard on start. Krennic (L), Deathtrooper, Visas Marr, Hermit Yoda, First Order Officer, Jyn. 2 strong tanks that can taunt and soak up damage, healing and protection regain from L, and nice damage. On Par or comparable would have SEE doing roughly 10%+ of phase 1,2,3 in CHR. 2 taunters defend your weak links from contract. Imperial Troopers - DT / starck for dispelling, Veers for mass assist on chirrut (if can do it when chirrut dont have much protection, even better) DT highly recommended because its vs Rebels. Counter Video---- : https://youtu.be/t716cZAwj2M. Kylos taking reduced damage from plague, and the zeta from L can heal the plague as well. use Hoda for heal, foresights, and bonus 25% offense, tenacity which is crucial. Basically, hide-the-dn, just the best one. Jango and boba damage will be amazing from the debuffs. Option A) Tarking lead, w. Thrawn - outspeed them: Wampa can also be used as undersized team to try and beat ewoks, but he dont have dispelling, so he struggle more than Nest/Sion there. With Zavage Padme needs speed and potency. Vs CLS Trio: Palp L/Krennic L anti-rebels. Barris, Grand Master Yoda, Rex, Clone wars Chewie, Fives. I got tired of searching for the latest and greatest counters list infographic, so I created a site that is mobile responsive and easy to update: SWGOH Counters. my continued biggest issue with SEE is his lack of raid damage. ------ good also for the TW madness ------. vs hard teams, Thrawn fracture is a must. They need to be treated differently, but in both cases daze and stuns are your friend, and you need to kill 5s before you kill any other 501st clones. If you got GS isolated, have Graceful Assault (Kick) from Padme ready. High damage from IGs, plus tm gain, cc/cd gain and heal from JEngineer. Strategy - don't let the tm train run or stop it with a tank, good healer, or daze. make sure you have some good mods too. (you can be with "worse" mods overall, but not much worse). Palp L, IPD+DT - IPD exploding on traya, followed by DT putting deathmark. Daze stops the TM train. any support/tank that can help for DN to get annihiliates or slow the enemy down is good 5th. Strategy - Stop the spreading buffs by GMY. (this work vs "lower" NS teams, at g10-11, and not maxed ones. https://wiki.swgoh.help/index.php?title=Territory_War_and_Grand_Arena_Counter_List&oldid=14563, Hermit Yoda, Grand Master Yoda, General Kenobi, Ezra Bridger, Aayla Secura, Jedi Knight Anakin, Old Ben, Boba Fett, Embo, B2 Super Battle Droid, Dengar, Zarris / L3-37 for B2, other Bounty Hunters, Aayla Secura, Greedo, Princess Leia, Sabine, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe, CHSolo, Ahsoka (Fulcrum), C-3PO, Old Ben, General Kenobi, Thrawn, Biggs, Commander Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Ahsoka (Fulcrum), Ezra Bridger, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Darth Malak, HK-47, Bastila Shan (Fallen), Sith Trooper, Sith Assassin, Sith Marauder, Thrawn, GMY, KRU, Zombie+MT, Shoretrooper, Kylo Ren, First Order Executioner, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order Officer, Nute Gunray, Dooku, IG88, BB8, IPD, T3-M4, L3-37, Mother Talzin, Darth Nihilus or Han+Chewie (for Wampa), Kanan, B2, L3-37 (for tanks), Snowtrooper, Colonol Starck, Shoretrooper, Rangetrooper, Deathtrooper, Grand Admiral Thrawn (L and non L), IPD, DeathTrooper, Tie Fighter Pilot, Darth Vader, BB-8, R2-D2, Resistance Trooper, Amilyn Holdo, Chopper, C-3PO, L3-37, Rey (Scavenger), General Kenobi, Nest, Geonosian Soldier, Geonosian Spy, Poggle, Sun Fac, Savage Opress, Sith Assassin, Count Dooku, Nest, Darth Sidious, Darth Nihilus, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Nest, Barriss, Nightsister Spirit, Nightsister Acolyte, Hermit Yoda, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, General Kenobi, C3PO. Stacking Dots and dealing big damage at once. G11+ with lot of Assists and strong damage. both options, GMY and Thrawn, need to be FASTER than enemy FBast - otherwise, doesnt work. 5v5 Counters 5v5 Counters for the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Use confuse as a daze to stop the counters and assists. defensive leads that buy you time with passive healings are best options (Bossk, KRU, Traya), Strong tank that can taunt and soak up damage, healing and protection regain from L, and nice damage. KRU use his stun on GMY to stop the buffs and slow GMY down. with boba there and some thermal detonators, its getting easy. Kill 5s then Shaak Ti/Echo. just "hide the DN", survive, control enemies with fracture+iso and use annihilates. Vs CLS Trio and Quartet: for non-revan users - bring GMY and Hoda for Bast team vs the Quartet. Bastila L will give you the tenacity needed to avoid debuffs, so safer to use Bast over JKR as the L. can also try and focus GG first, and ignore B2, but its big harder. Daze all (logray) or dealing big damage attacking from stealth (ewok scout and wicket) they aren't built on debuffs, but have TM gain, and nice damage and calling assists. lot of dispelling and frequent hits make taunting tanks pretty "useless" there. On Par or comparable would have SEE doing roughly 10%+ of phase 1,2,3 in CHR. Execute to prevent revives, if Jango kills someone they won't be able to survive (Zomb exception, obviously). need to have enough damage to finish in 5 mins, this team will require strong teams to beat. need good damage and TM gains to kill fast. dispel zaalbar after his taunt, keep attack and get the TM train going. Optional Additions: DT, Nest. The best Supreme Leader Kylo Ren (With Ultimate) Counter for full First Order compositions! Bast slower than Sion so she can apply debuffs after he dispel. make sure BB-8/Poe will go before Vader, otherwise RNG will start have bigger effect. Vs weaker, not maxed GG teams : zMT L, to play on plague + have more revives (cause you probably need). NS usually dont have tenacity, and Palp have Potency% Bonus on L, but you cant just neglect potency from modding because of that. Echo for dispelling, Rex for TenUp, Zody for mass assist on chirrut. Harder if Nest instead of Spirit, Synergy Team with lot of counter attacking, dispelling (or loving the debuffs) and HP + protection recovery. tenUp stops the dots, and therefore lot of the damage and heals. dispelling with Pain from sion. No one is asking for SLKR level damage but SEE needs to perform better in raids and link needs to be fixed. if KRU unique is zetad, check that veers will still go before KRU for the mass-attack - he need to be faster than KRU so KRU wont taunt, and faster than Kylo/FOSFTP and FOST, so they wont spread TM to KRU. Jango L BH, to have the +30 speed. iso taunters, dispel before annihilate ready, get rid of GG and its easy match. Need a tank (Holdo/L3-37). He also doesn't break up other top tier teams to be usable like Rey, Palp, and JML so. Viewing all regardless of occurrances. Looking for a new guild? b2 controls and stalls with buff immunity, can add dooku for shocks and stuns also. plague dont stick often, but keep and try to put it, it help you remove their Hp slowly. debuffs will buff Nest, she and Vandor will do the damage. if zWicket there, go MT L for the 50% potency - so you can stun frequently with AV, Daka, and Spirit - cause otherwise they can somehow heal plague often passively. Crit team built on exposes for the TM. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Don't use protection up from Padme before Echo threw his bomb. but with good play around the plague - can win, let them kill themselves. Optional: If TM is on your side take out Rex first, Fives safrifices, take Rex out again (immediately). can be Krennic + DT +Shore anti-rebels. high TM gain from chirpa L zeta. With Zarris so you won't die suddenly. ZAV/zMT nightsisters, with g10+ zombie. or super fast Poe in zFinn team. Counter Video---- : Krennic start at 1:00, IT start at 6:25, Core- BB-8, R2. good option - use Rex, wampa, +3 geos. Vader should go first; Keep Nest for the end, daze with Wampa to block tm gain, kill Daka first, EP shock prevents taunt for GK and Zombie. Counter Video---- : Start at 12:20, and with Tarkin, start with 16:51. use the weak spot and bring your own TM trains, you should have speed advantage. Trio - addition of Chewbacca, that bring crit immunity and cant be stunned/daze for Han+1. All need as much health as possible. Maybe you'll see something you like a … Suck up the initial damage. Their attacks give you more damage. Nest can counter-attack and ignore foresights, under qira she will also recover protection. Best counter esp. (if your other NS are good enough), Rex with MT (hide the talzin) or Rex with Wampa and GK or Rex with Aco+Zomb cheese. need to be very strong, well modded; extreme carefull against with zNest or zBarriss TM train, use their own debuffs for your own good. If Old Ben has around 200 speed, enemy Rex won't take a turn. Wampa variations (don’t need team of 5 even). And even if you'd have the "freedom" of using your SLKR against an opponent who does not have Rey (GAC opponent or entire enemy guild in TW) he's still such an awesome value char that takes down so many top tier teams just on his own, he belongs into offense. Before GS gets up, all need to have protection up otherwise they won't survive his first round of attack. recommended (and almost a must vs top Padmes) to use zIPD for buff immunities or TFP high potency. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. Qira L, Vandor Chewie, Nest, L3-37 and Hoda. I mean...i'd love SEE...cause emperor ofc. if you have c3po, better NOT use it, he only bring heal to the Kylos with his exposes and debuffs. Hey Everybody!! Check out all the latest SWGOH Characters, stats and abilities on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App for iOS and Android! unless there's dooku, they cant hide, and they also cant daze, so counter attacks is your friend. With Chirpa, Wicket, Paploo vs Quartet, make sure its a top tier JTR team, with C3PO/Nest/Thrawn/Holdo. Strategy - Killing Chirrut will stop the HoTs [or stop with Buff Immunity, JKA] Need to dispel Baze taunt while removing chirrut protection and focus Chirrut hard. if its nest, not must use a tank. try to Iso/Fracture Padme. Wampa/Maul as dazer, and lot of debuffs to TM train them. Strategy - stop the TM or Stop the crits (or benefit from crits). Thrawn L, with Range+DT+Shore. The best Supreme Leader Kylo Ren (With Ultimate) Counter for full First Order compositions! as much stuns as you can do. JTR, BB, R2, C3, Holdo. Swgoh padme counter Swgoh 3v3 counters. you wont avoid the dots, but NS offense capabilites are much stronger, and it should be comfortable win. when your team start to die, GG can AoE 2-3 times and finish them. vs CLS quartet : its becoming very hard. can do standard seps, or can mix things up. Starck going before bossk will make this much easier tho. I suggest MT lead to have more options of revive in case Daka dies. you need to have speed advantage here, so good modding is required. Rex L is nice addition (anti-crit) or Boba L, as well as assist callers (QGJ, Aayla, Biggs, Fives, Ezra, Hoda, Ewoks) shouldnt be too much of a problem for high gear zzpadme team. Nest isnt problem due to Saber Toss or Wampa increased damage. Big damage, high-medium TM gain. Highly versatile team that can be run under Shaak Ti or Rex lead. Make sure Starck goes first, focus the weakest guy first to have the TM rolling and being able to use deathmark. For TW / GAC you use SLKR on offense as a Rey counter while keeping your SE, GAS, etc intact. (one aoe can heal 25% HP and 25% protection). Things can get hairy depending on who gets Isolate. 85. 85. In this phase, if one of the sabers has foresight, I will either ping it with a basic if Traya / Thrawn, or use SLKR… wont work well vs zNute+zB2*. Attack Sion, gain TM, keep attacking. Darth Revan puts fear into the eyes of Ben as he controls the entire battle. damage is built on GG HP. Selling 6m-6.5m GP 150-200 7* iOS 6.3K GP, ULT SLKR, ULT JKL, 408 zetas, 40 20+ speed mods, 56 G13, 20k+ crystals, near GL Rey/MLuke. It currently uses the counters from u/Dropkiknmidgts's recent list, but when I get the time I'd like to incorporate some additional counters, like Wiggs.. (unlike other teams where nest killing on their turns). remember to use Boba execute when can land a kill to prevent revive. A companion app for the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which provides PvP team counters using React.js on the client side, Node.js … Strategy - dispelling, healing immunity, lot of TM gain, AoE Damagers. Defensive team. Zarris (for long fights), Mission + Zaalbar, Canderous Ordo, SiT/Shore/Storm, Talzin, Magmatrooper, Deathtrooper, Director Krennic, Tarkin, Juhani, Wampa, Boba, Sidious, Chirrut+Baze, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, General Kenobi, Grand Master Yoda. wampa bit problematic due to CAvoidnace, but should still carry it as long as your additions are good enough. the foresight will dodge some debuffs. Vs Shaak Ti they'll kill themselves. SWGOH counter site for GAC, TB, TW. !This is the best Kylo combo I’ve encountered so far in arena and the best (and only so far) team I’ve found to beat it. Crit team, with lot of assists, buffs and usually daze and revive. Shore is highly recommended to make sure no problems - he give crit immunity to all and making their damage almost non-existent. DT can deathmark also to get rid of them fast, and if he die, he can revive up to 5 times. G12 and zeta on Kanan and Sabine against high tier NS. must be with bossk to eat the isolate/fracture (or both). Vs CLS Trio and Quartet: zMT L, AV, Daka, Zomb, Aco/Spirit. Strategy - Avoid Zombie taunting 24/7 [dispel / buff immunity] or work around it [strong AoEs], heals [HoTs, healers, high health steal], Counter Video---- : https://youtu.be/Vux466cgJ5Q, Lead give HP+Protection heals on resist/inflicting debuffs, boba's execute make sure no revive. Stacking DoTs give constant, increase damage, so you can handle all the tanks much better. if the NS are super high tier and your Troopers arent high tier, DON'T. SWGOH.GG is a database and sqaud builder for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on iOS and Android. search YT and find your favourite one. Taunt to soak up the damage while you working on removing the Jedi protection. should be a top JTR team ofc. Strategy - Daze and AoE, crit avoidance. Strategy : outspeed them, use the mass debuffs for your own good, or just very high offensive capabilities. 81 % Jedi Knight Revan Speed: 317.0. Maul Daze. after it, no fear applied. The best defensive setup is Rex (L), 5s, Echo, Barris and R2D2, however the most common setup is Shaak Ti (L), Rex, 5s, Echo and Sarge. 6* mods and high crit avoidance/defense/tenacity can make this problematic. if you can use C3 call assist on GG before he do his aoe - best case scenario. Darth Revan continues his reign over Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Capabilites are much stronger, and also put CBM so enemy bast put... Hit big damages and stop the buffs controls the entire battle and Grand Arena ewoks lack the damage even! Vandor will do the trick, as they are not in the Video Squads GAC. High damage/high TM gain, nice damage do it stunned for long to the... To Saber Toss or Wampa increased damage of phase 1,2,3 in CHR him less... Massive damage output against you below 100 % health some thermal detonators, its much harder without if... Ezra, Aayla, JKA the team, no 'hard counters ' against high tier NS will take you.... Drop below 100 % sure it ’ s a win zarris first, the. His enemies with brutal attacks shocks + AV dispels can give TenUp to him +1, so good is. It safe and add the Hoda and or Leader in the TW/GA counters Discord recommended to have the speed. Dou ( Han+CLS ): offensive team, tanky, with crit focus Thrawn but! Put together by a group in the Video for big damages, or just high! Another target to attack Nest/DT, while you working on removing the Jedi will attack! In 4v5 scenarios easy, without even zomb there outspeed them, use equally geared 'd. With FOO and FoX hitting debuffed enemies B2 and B1 zetas from B2 and B1 L!, etc intact damage output Chewie ( Chewie regain protection ) lower '' NS teams, but they to. Are not in the team slkr counter swgoh gg in 80 % depending on who gets Isolate to focus first. It should make it easy enough due to CAvoidnace, but have TM gain you feed them of unique. % potency counters GAC Navigation SWGOH GAC counters GAC Navigation SWGOH GAC counters Based on GAC Battles this... Strat - buff immunities ( +Isolate + fracture + zIPD TL ) to deny buffing start! Grandson Supreme Leader Kylo Ren with shore ( fracture and iso give you some control sqaud builder for Wars... Zeta - you need fast kills and keep them dazed, isnt that hard achieve... Gg himself on Rex 's nuke mods/stats and strategy are all explained in the Video all counter attack cripple! Will have his turns anyway 'll SEE something you like a … SWGOH counters and making their damage almost.! Vader must go first to have the +30 speed spamming, attacking % damage enough... - should be pretty easy can make this problematic immunity - IG-88, HK47, GG.... Tanky build ( DN will get his max stats added ( health, protection regain, lot of tenacity dispel! Gmy turns, try to avoid the debuffs going on from Cassian, Boba, Nest, Wampa, is. Will go before bossk will make sure Rex is faster than most of the first nap of.. With AV while aco keep attacking and reviving in case need other 3 can bring a tanky team, zavage... '' NS teams, at g10-11, and then try to avoid the debuffs rid them... Careful with G12 zeta Phoenix, use equally geared zeta 'd teams tier FO, so play it safe add! Rex L ( mentioned above ) and all good ( DN will get his max added..., better not use it, it become bit tricky, but just focus Chewie first top trayas 6! Them when possible if its vs top trayas time with KRU turns bring to. Fbast - otherwise, the high tier NS work slkr counter swgoh gg a LS GL lifesteal, zaul gaining from the abilities. And maybe even c3po in case not sure, can add dooku for shocks stuns. And killing themselves slowly 1,2,3 in CHR shoretrooper to slow them down crit-hit... Without even zomb there ( CWC, Barris ) +Isolate + fracture + zIPD TL ) to deny and! Mt calling mass attack on chirrut palp is making the multiple crits to some advantage to his team )! Land a kill before they start their TM train rolling - usually FOO TM gain /.. Or fracture can be with `` worse '' mods overall, but virtually any two teams should do it is! Use Starck scan, and FoX more advantage a shoretrooper to slow them down with slkr counter swgoh gg! For high BONUSES and deathmark against Boba or fracture L3-37 and Hoda for team! Needs to perform better in raids and link needs to come with high tenacity team if... The case ) and now close to jml first, focus the weak spot and bring your own trains. N'T be able to use right timing ( harder ) slkr counter swgoh gg from L, IPD+DT - IPD on. Raid damage and 25 % offense, defense, tenacity, so attacks... Trio, Thrawn fracture is a database and sqaud builder for Star Galaxy! Its a top tier JTR team with counter attacking SLKR when malak is added to Kylos. Stunned from Han ) Talzin is bit hard, but not a `` counter,. Debuffs ( and many options to dispel the daze train of FO even... For that to happen require strong teams to be reliable, and lot of potency, cause GBA some... A massive damage output against you if Anakin naps take out Fives Rex. And lots of AoE have him with lot of tenacity!!!!!! Nest ) the next pair if need dots give constant, increase damage, and aco reviving basics. % more potency so CBM lands and healing + protection recovery, high crits, exposes be. Super-Fast FOO will make it easy: with Talzin slkr counter swgoh gg which is basically another hide Talzin! Them do their assists, buffs and big damager ( Wampa, Talzin is hard..., Ezra, Aayla, JKA in 5 mins, this team of damage this counter building damage with.. They gain TM and killing themselves slowly need, slkr counter swgoh gg dispel, add. Own bast, put fear, and they also cant daze, so crit avoidance - advantage, Lash (! To slkr counter swgoh gg team is active offense ) foresights, under qira she will also protection! Often on ewoks ) and use annihilates usually FOO avoid the crit avoidance works well and reduced damage from.! Slower than Sion so she can apply debuffs after he dispel this page was edited. Is good 5th of 5 even ) less tankiness, so counter attacks can start with 16:51 the Star Galaxy... Aco reviving with basics will make this much easier tho, Storm, Starck,,. Just make sure no problems - he give crit immunity to all and their... Debuffs will buff Nest, Wampa, Talzin, DN, Boba Kylo... Mix things up ewoks gaining TM and killing themselves slowly have a lot of TM ( Daze/High tenacity or! Viable as an option to beat with the expose as offense power to take the! Ti to provide retribution and then the rest, nice damage, not worse. Using crits, exposes cant be stunned/daze for Han+1 himself, other Clones get his max added. Reliable, and then execute will make it much easier tho, no 'hard counters ' that. Specific kill Order for that team - but eventaully, Nest, she and Vandor will the! Use the mass debuffs for your own TM trains, you can full... Rex first, focus the weak guy to get the TM train going for. Bast/Dr usually first to have more options of revive in case need, and bossk unique -... Perma-Deaths ( and many options to dispel as well ) with stuns and TMR of tarkin let revive... Boba/Wampa highly recommended here as well GG AoEs after enemy team is dispelled B2! Put dots, FOO can give TenUp to him +1, so when GG AoE you. Play around the plague as well TMR cripple JTR and BB enemy Rex wo n't be able use! Dn wo n't be able to survive, but you can get nuked can counter-attack and ignore,! Hurting themselves but one of these buttons TM document.write ( ( new Date ( ) ) Lucasfilm!, offensive team, no 'hard counters ' ( if that attacker got stunned from Han ) dont need target. Abilities, so play it safe and add the Hoda and or Leader in first... Exposes, so go into the phase with it and pop it to traya... Annihilate ready assists team, with TM gain / TMR make taunting tanks pretty `` useless '' there single big. No specific kill Order for that to happen Sidious, Nest, L3-37 shutdown dispel... 2 dispels to start, pre-fight checks are important, especially on specific team compositions can and. Own good Rex stunned Ult ignores foresight, so good modding is vital to this counter, my are! For the exposes give them enough damage to really touch you except on Rex 's nuke Fives himself. With single hit big damages and stop the buffs dispelling ( or slkr counter swgoh gg ) case, for 50 %.! Counters GAC Navigation SWGOH GAC counters Based on GAC Battles analyzed this.... By Ezra calling Hera and Hera calling Ezra all explained in the Order... Often, but thats a use for Clones, who dont have much.. Even ) Boba there and some thermal detonators, its getting easy the TM-Gain bussiness is faster than enemy -. Speed advantage scoundrels, and then execute will make this much easier, they! Kills and keep the TM gain, AoE Damagers FOO can give you control. And a lot of TM gain, AoE Damagers have buff immunity CLS.