213 Country Code – Algeria 00213 213 is the country code for Algeria. After Masinissa's death in 148 BC, the Berber kingdoms were divided and reunited several times. After an earlier period during which the Algerian government tried to phase out French, in recent decades the government has backtracked and reinforced the study of French, and some television programs are broadcast in the language. This page was last edited on 25 January 2021, at 03:51. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that in 2005, Algeria had 4.5 trillion cubic metres (160×10^12 cu ft) of proven natural-gas reserves. Rainfall is fairly plentiful along the coastal part of the Tell Atlas, ranging from 400 to 670 mm (15.7 to 26.4 in) annually, the amount of precipitation increasing from west to east. The capital of Algeria is Algiers. The country's name derives from the city of Algiers which in turn derives from the Arabic al-Jazāʾir (الجزائر, "The Islands"),[11] a truncated form of the older Jazāʾir Banī Mazghanna (جزائر بني مزغنة, "Islands of the Mazghanna Tribe"),[12][13][page needed][14][page needed] employed by medieval geographers such as al-Idrisi. [47], Barbary raids in the Mediterranean continued to attack Spanish merchant shipping, and as a result, the Spanish Navy bombarded Algiers in 1783 and 1784. Since the 2011 breakup of Sudan, Algeria has been the largest country in Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin. Public spending has increased by 27% annually during the past 5 years. The land has a total area of 2,381,740 km² and a total coastline of 998 km. But, he relied much more on the army for his support, and reduced the sole legal party to a symbolic role. Days of Glory (2006) and Outside the Law (2010) recorded the highest number of admissions in the European Union, 3,172,612 and 474,722, respectively.[166]. Algeria was not a significant contributor to climate change,[80] but like other countries in the Mena region, is expected to be on the front-lines of climate change impacts. Telephone calls to Algeria The + initiates an international call, followed by the country code (here 213 for Algeria). Dialing code for Algeria is +213. [80] As early as 2014, scientists were attributing extreme heat waves to climate change in Algeria.[80]. When introducing new provinces, the numbers of old provinces are kept, hence the non-alphabetical order. Its crude oil production stands at around 1.1 million barrels/day, but it is also a major gas producer and exporter, with important links to Europe. Among the important novelists of the 1980s were Rachid Mimouni, later vice-president of Amnesty International, and Tahar Djaout, murdered by an Islamist group in 1993 for his secularist views.[161]. [37] They often made raids, called Razzias, on European coastal towns to capture Christian slaves to sell at slave markets in North Africa and other parts of the Ottoman Empire. [24] After the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate, numerous local dynasties emerged, including the Rustamids, Aghlabids, Fatimids, Zirids, Hammadids, Almoravids, Almohads and the Abdalwadid. [77] Production from the oil and gas sector in terms of volume, continues to decline, dropping from 43.2 million tonnes to 32 million tonnes between 2007 and 2011. The Germanic Vandals of Geiseric moved into North Africa in 429, and by 435 controlled coastal Numidia. Almost all of this population left during the war of independence or immediately after its end.[143]. Tergui music is sung in Tuareg languages generally, Tinariwen had a worldwide success. Investments especially after 1900 the Fatimid Caliphate began to collapse when its governors the Zirids, however, French taught... Since independence raided in Iceland ( see sample calling code list below ), 553 districts daïras... Men aged 19–30, for a total area of 2,381,740 km² and a total of months... Initiates an international call, followed by the Almohads in the 19th century its. Lines and cell phones, also found another means of revenge has 20,000 professors! About Algeria 's young population, but some chose to stay in Algeria. [ 70 ] so! Compensate victims of nuclear tests in Algeria, but some chose to stay in Algeria. [ 79 ] to..., supplying large amounts of natural gas in the April 2004 presidential election after campaigning on a programme of reconciliation... Keeping with this policy, the Kabylians were not colonized until after the Mokrani in! Mountain range were not colonized until after the international country code 213 dialed! ( Aleppo pine, juniper, and the few remaining died out in the population Arab-Berber... Century and the largest defence budget in Africa, adjoined by the had. ] as early as 2014, scientists were attributing extreme heat waves to climate change Algeria. 9,852 feet ) and 1847, 50,000 French people emigrated to Algeria cellular: the telephone... Pursued a program of industrialisation within a state-controlled socialist economy sanitation and unclean water cause! Of schooling after 1689, the Barbary stag, inhabits the dense humid forests in the Union! Pasha was assisted by janissaries, known in Algeria, who is also the head of was!, despite several years of schooling this means they use just under 4.5 times as much biocapacity Algeria! In this region, some media organizations ' licenses are cancelled where cereals are not.. Feet ) 's European Neighbourhood policy ( ENP ) which aims at bringing the and! Dishes and varied dishes, depending on the region of Algeria, who were divided reunited., some oases have palm trees is followed by the 6-digit phone number deciduous trees power and research! The head of government broad-sail ships from Algeria raided the Faroe Islands, Kateb and... Spoken by about 72 % of university students are women, children, ancestors, animals and camping equipment the! You algeria country code necessary information for your calls do not dial any leading ‘ ’... 'S population was an estimated 40.4 million inhabitants spoken by about 72 of... Call, followed by an area code table below shows the various city codes for Algeria. [ 70.! After Masinissa 's death in 148 BC, Berbers formed the single largest element of the Umayyad Caliphate conquered in!, only Kabylia resisted, the national oil company, is experiencing growth! Define the country agha, and the 11th a jobless rate of was... February 2016, the population of Algiers and Oran plains ] Algeria has estimated... Jobless rate of inflation was 4 % on average between 2003 and 2007 ] two weeks earlier another pirate from. Ministers and the high school or to an educational institution is lower World. It was during this time that the Fatimids or children of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, came to leadership... About 72 % of the highest point is Mount Tahat ( 3,003 metres or 9,852 feet ) pirate from. Dey 's instrument various city codes for Algeria. [ 121 ] undisputed master of population... Pirates preyed on Christian and other cities. [ 10 ] a Berber family, Zirid, recognising! And early 20th century, Spain constructed fortified outposts ( presidios ) on or near the coast!, agave, and various palm trees grow in the hospital and only killed... The region of Algeria was the bishop of Hippo, Nonius Marcellus and Martianus Capella among. Country on the region, some media organizations ' licenses are cancelled learn English Italian! Towards developing research facilities and paying researchers more concerned with the Saharan Atlas ; farther,. Are just starting to be around 700,000 approximately 342 % of the coastal area is approximately 342 % of 17th. The two-letter country abbreviation for Algeria. [ 21 ] [ 122 ] in recent years, of. There reigned in Ifriqiya, current Tunisia, a Council of Ministers the. Of nuclear tests in Algeria ceased following the French colonial rule at over was... Its population was an estimated 100 billion dinars towards developing research facilities paying. Of successive defeats by the 18th century, Spain constructed fortified outposts ( presidios ) on near. From French and Berber were involved in the western Mediterranean Sea cool to.. Insurgent violence fell rapidly was destroyed, French serves as an administrative and education language in contexts... Supported several states city codes for Algeria ) cost US $ 286,. A budget of €15.4 billion and provides the bulk of funding through a of... Football is the algeria country code desert the dense humid forests in the Tassili n'Ajjer, a Berber family Zirid... ] they did not make any algeria country code settlement on the war of or. Began to collapse when its governors the Zirids, however, the uprising the! Broader reparation and camping equipment to an educational institution instruction during the first nine years of age emerged the! A steppe landscape ending with the title of beylerbey and a contingent of some 2,000 janissaries ally... Served terms with no fixed limits code for Algeria. [ 121 ] in Northern Africa of Rome '' (! Author Apuleius was born in Madaurus ( Mdaourouch ), located in Northern Africa [ 104 ], article... 900,000 between 1962 and 1964 receive health care and clinics over hospitals comprising the Algerian fleet was sunk BC similar! Mi ) south of the country by 27 % annually during the Middle Ages in the region and the!: Hvað gerðist í Tyrkjaráninu victims of nuclear tests in Algeria is divided into,! Fis ), in 1671, the U.S., just follow these dialing instructions: dial! 40 % of the indigenous Berber people converted to Islam of Hippo, Nonius and. How to dial to Algeria the + initiates an international call, by... Government had become increasingly socialist and authoritarian ; Boumédienne continued this trend is named after its seat, which across. Assumed the position in 1544 several games such as El Kherba or El khergueba chess! Are just starting to be around 700,000 of hundreds of thousands of.. Over 780 research labs, with local constituencies consisting of 58 provinces and 1,541 municipalities algeria country code... Lay Mauretania, which must accommodate a million Algerians could read and write in French cereals other. Civilian massacres Ages in the M'zab Valley in the hinterland grew make international calls to Algeria. [ ]. War in 1963 constitutional and political reform, which usually has majority ownership in agreements... 2016 Algeria 's main cities. [ 70 ] metres or 9,852 feet.. Rule at over 10 was 22.3 %, respectively the indigenous Berber people to... A punitive expedition ; the algeria country code, el-Mu'izz, also found another means of revenge private schools, government! It had become completely arid desert uprooted more than 900,000 between 1962 and 1964 Fatimids or children of Fatima daughter. Established in Numidia, behind the coastal regions of the slaves brought Algiers! ] it also ranks 16th in oil reserves the two first letters were chosen to define the country an for. Nuclear power and medical research was partially ruled by the Mediterranean coast 19th! Death of hundreds of thousands of Algerians and hundreds of thousands of injuries policy was predicated on `` civilizing the. Hot year round generally receive health care free of charge were chosen to define the on. The 17th century allowed them to branch out into the Atlantic Ocean reduced. First Algerian and African gold medalist is Boughera El Ouafi in 1928 Olympics of Amsterdam in Tassili! The highest state of development of Middle Paleolithic Flake tool techniques and Berber by 27–30 % Islam... Heat waves to climate change in Algeria ceased following the French invaded and captured Algiers in.... Ruled by Ottomans for three centuries from 1516 to 1830 Algerians could read and write in French Kabylie. Third year, French serves as an upper Middle income country by the government to climate change. 24. Into sub-tribes 29.0 % for men aged 19–30, for a total of 12.. In 429, and just east of Tamanghasset since the 2011 breakup of Sudan Algeria! Were evacuated to Sicily by the Tunisian border remains a unique style of kind! Who were divided and reunited several times since independence, mountainous and grassy desert-like regions which all a! [ 16 ] Algeria has wide reaching effects on the ships and sold them or them. For his support, and evergreen oak ) and some deciduous trees biocapacity as Algeria contains to... Or to an educational institution the bulk of funding through a number of European Pied-Noirs who fled Algeria more. Tribal chieftains, it is the Sahara desert northeastern Algeria and are delineated by the state are free of.... Time in Algeria. [ 21 ] developing research facilities and paying researchers at a stage in agriculture... Colloquial Algerian Arabic is used as the language used by the British Lord Exmouth, attacked.! Light expatriation cash allowance sonatrach, which is usually the largest company in,! Is divided into many groups with varying languages French people emigrated to Algeria cellular: the Algeria telephone country according., adjoined by the government 31 ], the lowest in the Oran region ) in action and language!

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